United States Military: Ranks in the American Military (Army, Navy & Air-force)

The United States of America military is one of the top world’s strongest military power in the world. With about 1.5 million able-bodied officers/personnel (male and female) scattered around her Army, Navy and Air force and with weaponry of high tech grade, the American military is highly respected. The ranks in the US military follows a strict structure from the lowest to the highest rank.


We listed the American military ranks and the total number of officers in each ranks from the Army and Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard and even the American Air force. Most countries also adopt the U.S military ranking system because of its strict nature and the respect accorded to each rank. The salary scale of the American military with all allowances included also differs from each rank

The information below according to Infoplease provides the current available ranks and structure of the four major American military branches of service from the commissioned officers to the special grades with their total number.

 Table showing the different ranks in the U.S Military (Army, Air force & Navy)

Army and Marine Corps Navy and Coast Guard1 Air Force Total
Commissioned Officers
0-1 Second Lieutenant Ensign Second Lieutenant 24,579
0-2 First Lieutenant Lieutenant Junior Grade First Lieutenant 28,002
0-3 Captain Lieutenant Captain 72,729
0-4 Major Lieutenant Commander Major 45,168
0-5 Lieutenant Colonel Commander Lieutenant Colonel 28,148
0-6 Colonel Captain Colonel 11,542
0-7 Brigadier General Rear Admiral Brigadier General 444
0-8 Major General Rear Admiral Major General 285
0-9 Lieutenant General Vice Admiral Lieutenant General 132
0-10 General Admiral General 39
Special Grades3
(5 stars) General of the Army Fleet Admiral General of the Air Force
Warrant Officers
W-1 Warrant Officer 2,935
W-2–W-5 Chief Warrant Officer Chief Warrant Officer4 13,450
Enlisted Personnel
E-1 Private Seaman Recruit Recruit 53,586
E-2 Army Private/
Marine Private First Class
Seaman Apprentice Airman 80,531
E-3 Army Private First Class/
Marine Lance Corporal
Seaman Airman First Class 185,923
E-4 Corporal Petty Officer, Third Class Senior Airman 261,890
E-5 Sergeant Petty Officer, Second Class Staff Sergeant 248,805
E-6 Staff Sergeant Petty Officer, First Class Technical Sergeant 175,234
E-7 Army Sergeant First Class
Marine Gunnery Sergeant
Chief Petty Officer Master Sergeant 96,956
E-8 Master Sergeant Senior Chief Petty Officer Senior Master Sergeant 26,912
E-9 Sergeant Major Master Chief Petty Officer Chief Master Sergeant 10,629
Special Grades5
Sergeant Major Master Chief Petty Officer Chief Master Sergeant
 Those are the official ranks currently in the American Military system and the number of eligible officers within the U.S military. Note that the salary that an officer in the US army, navy, airforce earns is according to his or her rank.
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