Advice to Undergraduates: How To Avoid Getting Into Trouble With Cultists On Campus

How To Avoid Getting Into Trouble With Cultists On Campus

If you just gained admission into the University, I want to seize this opportunity to congratulate you on your educational pursuit as you have entered a world different from your secondary school days.

cultistYou see, In Nigerian universities, there are grouos of every kind. You would find reading groups, prayer groups, social groups and cultist groups. Be aware that cultists group or cultism is a very bad group which I can promise you that you don’t want to join.

These cultist groups in Nigerian universities are known to be deadly and dangerous. Their members are always looking for the next available trouble to find, fighting, harassing and stealing from innocent students as well as forcefully recruiting new intakes especially from freshers.

This article will inform you on how to make cultism or cultists stay away from you easily.

Things You Will Do To Stay Away From Cultism

1. Dress code/colour

What you wear and the colour of your dress code is very important. I can tell you authoritatively that so many innocent people are harrased in universities because of this. There are some colour combinations you should avoid, colors like yellow and yellow, yellow and black, red and black, white and red e.t.c should be avoided as much as possible. These colours have different meanings to cultists as they use these colours to identify themselves.

Also, avoid wearing clothes with skulls, goat head, eye of Horus,” the all seeing eye on a pyramid” etc. Avoid handbands of all kinds. Instead, wear a watch to compliment your dress code.


2. Face your studies

This is the reason why your parents sent to the university and the reason why you are there- to face your studies. If you are the type that is always found in social gatherings, clumsy and looking for trouble, it won’t be long when a popular cult in your university will come knocking at your door. So, mind your books.

3. Mind the way you flock around with pretty girls

One thing is sure, if you are a very bright student in your department, especially if you are a guy, its normal for the pretty girls and chicks to glue themselves to you.

Funny enough, this doesn’t go well for cultists. They don’t want to share pretty girls with anyone whether dull or bright. Just try to make it business with these girls. Avoid private meetings with them because they are been watched by cultists and you might fall victim.

4. Avoid people with slangs and coded languages

In Nigeria, every nook and cranny have their slangs that its members understands. A lot of students have fallen prey to this coded language without knowing.

Just because you are in the university does not mean that you should use coded language or slangs to communicate. Its better to be safe than sorry, as you dont know who is who that might decode your language and mistake you for a cultist.

5. Hand signs and Hand shakes

There are some hand shakes and signs used and understood by cultists. These signs have different meanings. Some undergraduates use this hand shakes innocently. I was personally slapped by a cultist for shaking a friend of mine that way. Please avoid such cult secret handshake.

6. Respect yourself

You got admission into this University, and on a certain day, you fought with someone you don’t know. He tells you ” You don’t know who I am, You will see what i will do to you in this school.” Four days later, you were beaten black and green when going for night class, giving a swollen cheek and bloody nose as a gift to mind your business in the school.

This scenario is common, worse cases ends up in death. Its better you mind your business. Avoid arguments and places that are prone to fights. It will do you good on the long run. Don’t underestimate anyone.

7. Avoid excessive Partying

Now that you are in the university,  there are no parents to tell you what you should do or what not do to do. Partying is part of the social life in the University. Avoid its excesses as cultist are always found in such areas and gatherings, most especially night parties.

8. Give ceaser what belongs to ceaser

Life is once. If for any reason you bump into them or have issues with them one way or the other, please and please give them whatever they ask for, its better safe than sorry, your life is worth more than everything you currently have.  Even if it is your iPhone 6, just give them.

9. If you are a rich kid, tell no one

It is good to be born rich especially when you can afford all the necessities of life. The only problem i have with rich kids in the university is the way and manner in which they flaunt their wealth making them easy targets for these cultists.

I am not saying you shouldn’t enjoy your money but please, stop making it too obvious. Stay discreet by telling no one.

10. Avoid political positions in school

Trust me, students occupying most political positions in universities (SUG), are mostly cultists. I know some people would say I am blabbing, but thats the real fact. If you want to avoid being tracked by cultist in your school, avoid popularity and positions by all means.


The tips above are just a few of what would guide you on how to avoid being monitored by cultist in your universities. While there are situations where some of this tips may not be valid, some people choose to live the churchious and holy kind of life to ward them off.

I strongly believe that if you follow this tips you should be safe. If for any reason you have gotten into trouble already with a cult guy or girl please beg them furiously, even roll on the floor. Don’t form saint or strong guy because these cultists love trouble. If after you’ve begged and they still disturbing, seek advise from your guidance counsellor.

Finally, learn how to stay out of trouble while in the university.

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