Uber Ride Nigeria: All You Need Know

This article will explain what Uber Ride in Nigeria is all about. How to register and be an Uber partner, Uber customer service details in Lagos, Nigeria

What is Uber Ride in Nigeria ?

Uber ride in Nigeria was established to solve the need for being able to get a reliable and comfortable ride, wherever and whenever using a smartphone application that connects riders with drivers in the area. What the riders need to do is to download the Uber app to their smartphone and request for one of their cabs. The aim of this technologically-driven taxi company is to ensure that people are comfortable getting taxis from anywhere in Lagos.
uber-ride-nigeriaUber technology uses a special algorithm via the app that matches the customer to the nearest pre-verified taxi and provides a fare estimate. The app also automatically charges the customers registered card and the driver also gets paid directly into his bank account weekly, so no cash ever needs to be exchanged.

Uber Nigeria also offers employment opportunity for unemployed youths as partners or drivers in Lagos, Nigeria. Although, Uber Nigeria has many drivers in Lagos, the continuous increase of the population of Lagos residents have seen the company considering to increase the number of their drivers and taxis to meet up and provide better taxi services in Lagos state.

How to Become an Uber Partner in Nigeria


  • Make an accomplice profile by going by partners.uber.com. When you are done, take after the progressions below
  • Set Up Bank Details: Enter your Bank Account information (current record just) at vault.uber.com
  • Set Up Vehicle: Add your vehicle(s) and transfer the archives you see underneath
  • Set Up Driver: For every driver in your record, include a substantial Driver’s License and Lagos State Drivers Institute Card (LASDRI).

On the off-chance that you don’t have a driver, visit Partners – Looking for a Driver to ask for one.


  • Endorsement of roadworthiness – got from the authorizing office
  • Tint Permit (if vehicle is tinted)
  • Endorsement of Incorporation
  • Endorsement of Ownership
  • Vehicle License Number
  • Far reaching vehicle protection including outsider and traveler obligation protection (see here for affirmed arrangements)
  • Reports are audited every 12 hours on working days


  • Go to a New Partner Info Session – Wednesdays at 6pm or Fridays at 10.30am
  • Plan a vehicle inspection  by going by meetme.so/uberlagos (select Vehicle Inspection)
  • Register for a visiting so as to onboarding session meetme.so/lagosonboarding (for every driver in your record)
  • As a Uber Partner, a record verification expense of N20,000 would be charged to your record for every driver on your dashboard .



Examples: Toyota (Corolla, Camry), Nissan (Almera, Altima), Honda (Accord), Kia (Cerato)

Rate: N400 base fare + N90/km + N9/minute (N400 minimum fare / N1000 Cancellation fare)



Examples: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Toyota Prado.

Rate: N530 base fare + N165/km + N16/minute ((N850 minimum fare / N1000 Cancellation fare)

For a vehicle to be eligible for Uber in Nigeria, it must meet the following standards:

  • UberX & UberBlack vehicles must be sedan (no hatches accepted)
  • Vehicles must be 2009 or newer
  • Mileage should be a maximum of 100,000KMs when being put onto the Uber system
  • All vehicles require a working radio and air conditioner (electric windows preferable)
  • Vehicles must have a minimum of 1750mm width
  • No full-size (15 passenger) vans, Lincoln Towncars, Mercury Grand Marquis, or Ford Crown Victorias
  • No salvage vehicles.  Must have a clean title.
  • To qualify for Uber, vehicle must have seat belts for all passengers including the driver.
  • Vehicles will remain on the Uber system unless complaints from riders about quality occur sooner
  • Only one driver per account, meaning the person driving the car is the one named on the account.
  • All drivers must go through a full background check initiated by UBER.
  • Driver must have a driver’s license and lagos state driver’s institute card.

Uber Nigeria reserves the right to refuse a vehicle that meets the above criteria, or accept a vehicle that does not meet the above criteria, as well as modify this criteria without notice.


If you are a partner looking for a driver or a driver looking for a partner then you have to contact the below Uber approved agency to get paired. A driver would require a valid driver’s license and Lasdri card to drive

The following steps are required to be an Uber driver in Lagos

The onboarding session has 5 stages and lasts a full day. Drivers will be tested for their aptitude, city knowledge, use of the Uber App and submit their background check information. As part of the background check they will also take a psychometric test and must meet Uber’s minimum requirements.

STEP 1: To book a driver for onboarding, you will first need to visit your partner dashboard and a driver by visiting partners.uber.com/drivers/. Select “Add A Driver” and have their documents uploaded. If you have already added your driver to your partner dashboard or will be driving yourself you can skip this step.

STEP 2: Visit meetme.so/lagosonboarding and book a session. If you would like a later date, please check again on Fridays when the new dates will be displayed. The name entered on the booking form must be your driver’s name and email address. Your driver must print a booking confirmation to be allowed into the sessions.

STEP 3: Drivers should attend the sessions fully prepared – please advise them to come with: – A valid drivers license (at least 90 days till expiration) – LASDRI card (more info here – http://www.lasdri.org, takes 48 hours). Drivers should be dressed in a smart dress shirt, trousers (no jeans) and covered shoes

Background Checks: Drivers will also be able to submit their background check information on the day and should come with:

  • Two passport photographs
  • Full address and previous employer details
  • Details of two qualifying guarantors

Please email partners.lagos@uber.com if you would like any additional information or attend one of our partner info sessions on Wednesdays at 6pm and Fridays at 10.30am. If you would like to book a Vehicle Inspection, please visit meetme.so/UberLagos

Onboarding Process

The City knowledge test is about Lagos and drivers are required to know about routes and places of interests (POI). The major POIs can be found here

Learn how to use the Uber Partner App. How to be online and how to navigate around the Uber application.

To start UBER Lagos City Parctice Test. Click  PRACTICE TEST

The cab business in Nigeria is very lucrative with or without Uber while Uber has attracted more young and classic customers to book taxi the easier way through their app at the comfort of their home or office and a well secured taxi without the fear of being attacked by fake cab drivers in Lagos.





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    1. Sorry for the issue, try and contact Uber Customer Care. Check this link

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    2ce i have been defrauded by uber, eg today i made a request, waited for 50minutes to be served, the driver eventually arrived, picked me up but could not go online.
    I paid him at my destination according to the primary fare assessment by Uber. Now i need another ride, uber says im owing #1000.Isnt this outrageous?

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  4. Peter Avan

    Please I need Uber Lagos customer servicr telephone number….Can you help….Can’t find any contact number on their website. I have a serious complaint, money has bern taken ftom my account by Ubet driver who did not show up to provife any service. He debited my acount twice in 1 day for a service he did not provide….

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    thanks for this. i started it 8 months ago and am really enjoying the services. thanks uber

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