Tstv Decoder Price, Plans & Packages 2019

Find below Tstv Decoder Price, Plans & Packages in Nigeria.


You must have heard of Tstv. It is a pay as you consume cable TV that was launched on the 1st of October (Nigeria’s Independence Day celebration).

To many, Tstv have come to rival Multi-choice, the owners of Dstv and Gotv which had in a way monopolized the Nigerian cable TV market in the country. While we can’t agree nor disagree with that yet as it is still pretty new and we have no statistics to back any claim, one thing I know for sure is they are making waves now.

Tstv (Telecom Satellite TV) is a pay-as-you-consume cable TV provider in Nigeria. It is a partnership between ABS- which is a European based television and Telecom Satellite TV. It is owned by Bright Echefu. Let take a look at the price, plans and packages that comes with Tstv.

Tstv Decoder Price

The Tstv decoder comes cheap, considering the fact that it comes with over 200 channels that ranges from sport, news, movies, kiddies, religion, Nigerian channels and others. How do you think it a decorder with such features will cost? 10k or 15k? Well, the price of the decorder goes for a 5,000 Naira only and can be found in all major towns in Nigeria.

Packages and Plans

Forget all the media hype, if Tstv doesn’t come with something really good, they will be forgotten just as other Dstv competitors have been forgotten. To avoid this, they have tailored their service to entice Nigerians.

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First, it is a pay as you consume cable TV provider. This means you only get charged when you use it. This is the first of its kind and were I think it hits the nail on the head.

Secondly, they offer you free hotspot to browse the internet by connecting your phone/system to your decoder hotspot.

The amount of data you can use could go as large as 20gb depending on your recharge. It also supports Video call conferencing and storage for recorded video (up to 50gb storage space for this purpose).

Tstv Plans

Their plans is currently the cheapest, even more cheaper than Gotv. They have a plan that goes as low as 200 Naira, this is the first of its kind.

Below is a table showing their various plans in Nigeria

Tstv BouquetPriceData Allocated
Tstv Monthly BouquetN3,50010GB
Tstv 10 Days BouquetN1,5005GB
Tstv 2 Weeks BouquetN1,0003GB
Tstv Weekly BouquetN7502GB
Tstv 3 Days BouquetN5001GB
Tstv Daily BouquetN200500MB



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    I want to knw wen d decoder will reach anambra state cos im very anxious to get it b4 d price will increase.

  2. Olafenwa olusegun

    Can we get the decoderin Ibadan?

  3. Yankee Mcbihne

    Where do I buy and subscribe the tstv decoder at Akwa Ibom State.

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