The Truth on How Muhammed Died (When & Where)

There are many controversies surrounding how prophet Muhammed died. Some argued that the cause of his death is unknown, others say he died of fever, i.e of natural causes, some school of thought say that he died of poisoning.


Truth on How Prophet Muhammed Died

In this article, we shall highlight all the scenarios on how prophet Mohammed died, citing authoritative sources to back our findings while we call on Muslim scholars and the Islamic faithful to give their opinion as we try to unearth the real cause of the death of Muhammed.

Brief Biography on the Life of Prophet Muhammed

Muhammad is the prophet of Islam who was born around 570 CE in the year of the Elephant in the Arabian city of Mecca. He was orphaned at an early age and was raised under the care of his uncle Abu Talib. It was said that Mohammed would seclude himself in a mountain cave named Hira for several nights of prayer where he was visited by an angel. He received his first revelation from Allah in this mountain after which he went preaching publicly that “Allah is One”, and that complete “surrender” to Allah is the right course of action.

During the early years of preaching Islam, Muhammad  gathered few disciples, and met hostility from some Meccan tribes. In a bid to escape persecution, Muhammad sent some followers to Abyssinia before he and his disciples migrated from Mecca to Medina (then known as Yathrib) in the year 622. This event, the Hijra, marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar, also known as the Hijri Calendar. In 632, a few months after returning from the Farewell Pilgrimage, it was said that he fell ill with fever and died. Before his death, most of the Arabian Peninsula had converted to Islam.

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The revelations of Mohammed known as Ayah, form the verses of the Quran and is widely regarded by the Muslims as the “Word of Allah” and around which the religion is based. Besides the Quran, Muhammad’s teachings and practices (sunnah), can be found in the Hadith and sira literature and are used as sources of Islamic law, Sharia.


An illustration Showing Muhammed On Death Bed Image Credit: Wikipedia

Various Accounts On The Death of Prophet Muhammed

As said earlier, there are various accounts on the circumstances surrounding Muhammed’s death. An account which is mostly accepted by Muslims say that he died of illness (fever) on the arms of his wife Aisha while the Jewish source say he died as a result of being poisoned by a Jewish woman, following the conquest of Khaibar, where he took Safiyah as a wife, and ordered the torture and beheading of her husband Kinana, the chief of the Jews at Khaibar.

Poisoned by a Jewess Safiyah

According to Jewish Sources, Muhammad was poisoned by a Jewish woman, following the conquest of Khaibar, where he took Safiyah as a wife, and ordered the torture and beheading of her husband Kinana, the chief of the Jews at Khaibar.


Narrated Anas bin Malik: A Jewess brought a poisoned (cooked) sheep for the Prophet who ate from it. She was brought to the Prophet and he was asked, “Shall we kill her?” He said, “No.” I continued to see the effect of the poison on the palate of the mouth of Allah’s Apostle .
Sahih Bukhari 3:47:786

….Narrated ‘Aisha: The Prophet in his ailment in which he died, used to say, “O ‘Aisha! I still feel the pain caused by the food I ate at Khaibar, and at this time, I feel as if my aorta is being cut from that poison.”
Sahih Bukhari 5:59:713

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The reason behind her action was the killing of her people and family by Muhammad.

The apostle of Allah sent for Zaynab and said to her, “What induced you to do what you have done?” She replied, “You have done to my people what you have done. You have killed my father, my uncle and my husband, so I said to myself, “If you are a prophet, the foreleg will inform you; and others have said, “If you are a king we will get rid of you.”
Ibn Sa’d p. 252

It was no secret among the wives, that Aisha was Muhammad’s favorite, and he made this clear as death approached.

Narrated ‘Aisha: that during his fatal ailment, Allah’s Apostle, used to ask his wives, “Where shall I stay tomorrow? Where shall I stay tomorrow?” He was looking forward to Aisha’s turn. So all his wives allowed him to stay where he wished….
Sahih Bukhari 7:62:144

….He came out with the help of two men and his legs were dragging on the ground. He was between Al-Abbas and another man [Ali Ibn Abi Talib].”….
Sahih Bukhari 1:11:634

Died in the Arms of Aisha

Even from his death-bed, Muhammad was issuing orders and cursing Christians and Jews.

….Then he [Muhammad] ordered them to do three things. He said, “Turn the pagans out of the ‘Arabian Peninsula; respect and give gifts to the foreign delegations as you have seen me dealing with them.” (Said bin Jubair, the sub-narrator said that Ibn Abbas kept quiet as rewards the third order, or he said, “I forgot it.”)
Sahih Bukhari 5:59:716

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Narrated ‘Aisha and Ibn ‘Abbas: On his death-bed Allah’s Apostle put a sheet over his-face and when he felt hot, he would remove it from his face. When in that state (of putting and removing the sheet) he said, “May Allah’s Curse be on the Jews and the Christians for they build places of worship at the graves of their prophets.” (By that) he intended to warn (the Muslim) from what they (i.e. Jews and Christians) had done.
Sahih Bukhari 4:56:660

On the 8th of June, 632 AD Aisha watched Muhammad finally die, slumped on her bosom.

Narrated Aisha:….In front of him there was a jug or a tin, (The sub-narrator, ‘Umar is in doubt as to which was right) containing water. He started dipping his hand in the water and rubbing his face with it, he said, “None has the right to be worshipped except Allah. Death has its agonies.” He then lifted his hands (towards the sky) and started saying, “With the highest companion,” till he expired and his hand dropped down.
Sahih Bukhari 5:59:730

….’Aisha added: He died on the day of my usual turn at my house. Allah took him unto Him while his head was between my chest and my neck and his saliva was mixed with my saliva.
Sahih Bukhari 7:62:144

From the above two narrations, there have since being a conflict on which hold the true account of the death of prophet Muhammed. He was buried near the Mosque of the Prophet in Medina.




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  1. Godson john

    If this prophet is truly from God he will not tell his followers to fight and to kill for his God. It expected that GOD should be a Supreme being that nothing is impossible for him. Why will he ask human beings who are natural and inferior being to Fight for him not to do something like worship and the like?


      Then why did Moses fight battles and ordered his people to fight as well? Was he also a prophet and messenger?

      1. Adewale

        Moses did not order his kindred to kill people because they didnt worship God rather he led the Israelites to fight their way thru obstacles to the Promised Land…I perceive Mohammed as someone who had an inferior Complex, who battled for relevance and is always bloodthirsty for slaughter of those who didnt share his ideology…for this reason fanatic Islamists follow suit

  2. NAME:Iwegbunam Blessing N.
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    1. Is Moses truly a prophet or a messenger??

  3. The great prophet Mohammed was know as the Muslim jesus and the great prophet of Allah (no.10)

  4. Mohammed is seen has the great prophet and he is the jesus of the Muslim (no.10)

  5. esther .o.Dibia

    should its be that prophet mohammed was not truly ordain by God(71)

  6. Ezekwo Chinenye Josephine

    Muhammad actually died on Aisha’s arms, it was said that he died of an illness (107)

  7. For the Muslim Mohammed was sent by Allah as a prophet but why will he be marrying more than a wife and kill people’s to acquire their property which was a sin

    1. igboachusi Jonathan (12)

  8. Let God fight for Himself…….he is only a prophet

  9. onuorah adaeze

    it’s actually a boring mediocrity in the sense that Prophet muhammed is just a prophet unlike God who is a supreme being.If actually the Islams claim that HE/prophet muhammed is a supreme being why couldnt He fight for His people why would he ask the people to fight for him humans are mere mortals and cannot be juxtaposed with the position of a supreme being God.Am actually flabbergasted by this post tho (077)

  10. What a shocking revelation to the cause of Prophet Muhammeds death.

    1. Chiekwe blessing.N . (68 )

  11. Micheal

    Prophet Muhammed death was really shocking and it was said he died with an illness (62)

  12. Chedi

    First, It is against Islam to portray the image of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Any Muslim who sees the image above will certainly develop suspicion as to the motive of the discussion. Secondly, I think this platform was not introduced as a forum where someone can get a verifiable information about Islam and Muslims. Knowledge based discussion have to be sincere, open and without any prejudice. If the intention for introducing this forum is to abuse and debase Islam as a religion, then I assure you no any Muslim will waste his time contributing because the majority of the people contributing happened to be dominantly not only Christians but those who are inherently fixated on hatred against Islam. I can sense from a distance the rationale for this proposed discussion and I can with certain degree of confidence perceive how it is going to end up.

    1. If you look at the writeup, the writer invited muslim scholars to help clarify the issue. As for the image used, it was gotten from Wikipedia an authority website. The post was not created to cause rift between Muslims and Christians, but to clarify a long controversy that has long existed

      1. Chedi

        As good as the intention of the discussion is, it will hit the rock, as long as participants will concentrate on accusations not the content of the discussion to the extent of abusing each other’s religion. In Islam, nothing is hidden. Whatever you want know is there in the Quran or his Sunnah. The question you asked is valid and needs clarification by learned people which I am not one. Like you said, it is true that there is a school of though who suspected that Prophet Muhammad died as a result of poison given to him in food by one Jew woman during his early age. But this can not be authenticated still. It remains a speculation and suspecion. As to why could he be killed like any ordinary man. Many pagans during his prophet hood, as narrated in the Qur’an, used to mock him by ask that what kind of prophet are you? you walk like us and go to market like us? Perhaps they were expecting an angel not human being. But There was a reason why Prophet Muhammad should be human just like any one of us or other prophets that passed before him including Jesus-the only difference between them and us is that they were chosen as a special human beings for the purpose of delivering the divine revelation from the beginning to end of time. Prophet Muhammad had performed miracles but those miracles were not the important parts of his message. In fact miracle as stated by Jesus (Peace be Unto Him) are not the test for judging one closeness to Almighty God (John 5:13,10:29 and 14:28; Mathew 12:28; Luke 11:20). The reason why prophet Muhammad must be human like you and I is to foreclose any excuse by people that we are human and can not do what he had done in his lifetime. Finally, I advised that you remove the potray so that my follow Muslim brothers can participate and would not take it as an offence.

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