The True Causes of Corruption in Nigeria

You might want to know the reason why Nigeria is corrupt? Although, there are a lot of major reasons, the true causes of corruption in Nigeria still stems down to power tussle, influence and other personal gains through illegitimate means which of course is greed or selfishness.

The history of corruption in Nigeria began during the time of the colonial masters. This long history has seen many cases of corruption in Nigeria yet to be unsolved and it has eaten deep into the political, economical and social atmosphere of Nigeria, an effect that has no solution for now and a breach to the principle of the rule of law in the society.

Below is a list of top 5 causes of corruption in Nigeria

1. Poverty in Nigeria

You might be wondering why poverty can be a valid cause for corruption in Nigeria. Poverty as a factor occurs when the basic necessities of the ordinary man cannot be met. He then, out of desperation engage in other means to satisfy himself and survive, which leads to his engagement in corrupt practices. When poor salaries are paid to workers and are sometimes delayed, this also leads to corrupt practices.

2. Acceptance of Corruption as a Norm in the Society

In Nigeria today, we celebrate corrupt individuals rather than convict them which is wrong. Even the convicted ones are also celebrated which sends out a wrong message to others. Accepting corruption as a norm in the society is one of the major causes of corruption in Nigeria today.

3. Weak Institutions of Government


Corruption is bound to thrive when the institutions of Government are weak. When the judiciary, legislative and executive arms of government are not performing their duties well, this leads to break down of law and order in a country. Even in the civil service, bribery, nepotism, ethnicity, not using merit as a yardstick to employ qualified individuals are just some of the reasons why corruption thrives in Nigeria.

4. Greed or Selfish Interest

The desire to accumulate wealth by a select few who have the opportunity to occupy political positions is another cause of corruption in Nigeria. They know that the funds attached to a public seats in Nigeria is mouth watering that is why they contest for such seats not for the good of the masses that voted them in, but for their selfish interest. No wonder they long to extend their stay in office at the expiration of their tenure just to accumulate more wealth even to their unborn children. This also is a corrupt practice.

5. Illiteracy and Poor Quality Education

Low literacy level among the populace can be a hindrance in understanding the consequence of corruption in Nigeria. If the percentage of educated individuals is high in the society, corruption will reduce as they will hold their leaders accountable for their actions.

Also, corruption glorifies ignorance as majority of people that are poor are mostly the poorly educated and illiterate. The only way they deem fit to leave such life-style is to engage in such corrupt practice by resulting to bribery and settlement to get things done quickly.

Solution to Corruption in Nigeria

A major panacea or solution to corruption in Nigeria is public perception. This plays a vital role in shaping the future of corruption in Nigeria today. When majority says “NO” to corruption then individuals will think twice before engaging in any kind of corrupt practice. Also, a sincere Government and non-partisan legal system will go a long way in curbing corruption. Public officers who engage in corruption acts should be brought to book and this will serve as deterrent to others thereby proving right the rule of law.

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