How To Transfer Airtime On The Airtel Network

Most Airtel subscribers have always wanted to share airtime with loved ones but do not know how to go about it. That is the reason for this post, to enlighten the reader on the best possible way to go about it.

Airtel airtime transfer is known as Airtel Me2U and it is a very good alternative to using a recharge card, online top up, VTU et al.

Airtel Me2U was developed to allow subscribers transfer airtime among each other on the Airtel network.

It is important to know that in any given airtel line, the default Me2U PIN is 1234.

Once that is in mind, the subscriber can then proceed to change this default PIN to their preferred 4-digit PIN by sending an SMS command to 432.

To change your Me2U PIN, simply send the SMS command, “PIN [space] 1234 [space] New PIN” to 432.

Your SMS should look like this: PIN 1234 0028 where 1234 is your default PIN and 0028 (for example) is your new PIN, then send to 432.


After you must have sent the SMS command to 432, you will receive a notification in this format: “your new password is 0028“.

On activating your new password/PIN, you can then proceed to transfer airtime on the Airtel Network. To transfer airtime, send this SMS command in this format: 2U [space] Airtel number [space] Amount [space] PIN to 432.

Let’s say you want to transfer N100 worth of airtime to 08022214445,your SMS format should be like this: 2U 08022214445 100 0028 to 432 where 0028 (for example) is your new PIN.

The Airtel beneficiary will receive a notification once their account has been credited with the proposed amount of airtime from your number. You will also be alerted in the success of the transfer.

You should also know that you will be charged N10 SMS rate for each successful transfer.

You can also ask other Airtel subscribers to send you airtime by using the Credit Me service by dialing *148*recipient’s number#.

The recipient will get a notice from you which reads “Please Credit Me“.

Trust you’ll find this information useful.

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