Top Radio Stations In Lagos: Full List

There are a lot of radio stations in Lagos and their addresses scattered on the internet. Most are privately owned or are owned by the state or even the federal government (FRCN). We have listed in our previous post the best Nigerian radio stations that offers quality programmes, News, information and are the popular choice of the public any day, any time.


Top 10 Radio Stations in Lagos

Are you looking for a radio station in Lagos to tune to or a comprehensive list of Lagos radio stations and their band frequency, then this write-up will provide you with such information. Be aware that most of these stations have apps you can download on your Android phones, iOS, Windows and Blackberry smart phones and have online mediums where you can visit to listen to their programmes.

Below is a list of Top Radio Stations in Lagos presently that are popular and their frequencies

  • Brilla FM Sports 88.9
  • EkoFM, Ikeja 89.7
  • Top RadioFM 90.9
  • InspirationFM 92.3
  • BondFM 92.9
  • RhythmFM 93.7
  • S.M.A FM 94.7
  • WazobiaFM 95.1
  • Traffic radio 96.1
  • CoolFM 96.9
  • ClassicFM 97.3
  • MetroFM 97.7
  • SMOOTHFM 98.1
  • Nigeria Info 99.3 (Best radio station in Lagos 2017)
  • Best Afro FM, Lagos 88.9
  • The BeatFM , Ikoyi 99.9
  • RayPowerFM, Alagbado 100.5
  • KM-Fm 101.1
  • StarFM, Ikeja 101.5
  • Radio Continental, Ikosi Ketu 102.3
  • NaijaFM 102.7
  • UnilagFM Radio (University of Lagos) 103.1
  • ChoiceFM 103.5
  • CityFM, Oregun 105.1
  • Faaji FM 106.5
  • RadioLagos, Ikeja 107.5
  • FRCN, Lagos 4770
  • FRCN (Radio Nigeria 1), Lagos 6090
  • Fashion Radio 109.1

To view a full list of all Nigeria radio stations according to states, see here

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