Top Pharmaceutical Companies In Nigeria: Addresses & Websites

Addresses of top pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria including their websites and phone numbers.

No one likes to fall sick or ill. When we humans fall ill, whether through natural or by any other means, there is a dire need to get the necessary medical attention. This is because if an illness is not properly managed, it could worsen and may lead to death.

Our fore-fathers in ancient times relied on the use of herbs that cure different diseases, but with science and research, different pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria have shown that these powerful herbs in Africa can be converted into syrups, capsules and tablets, drugs which are then administered to those whose ailments they are prescribed for.

In Nigeria today, we have top trusted pharmaceutical firms that are registered and can compete in the pharmaceutical industry in terms or research and are among the best you can currently find in the country today.

If you are looking for top pharmaceutical companies in the country to work for or even to ask concerning any drug, below are the best you can find in Nigeria today

1. New Height Pharmaceuticals
2. Zolon Healthcare
3. Neros Pharmaceuticals
4. Olex Pharmaceuticals
5. Mopson Pharmaceutical Limited
6. Chemiron International Limited
7. Emzor Pharmaceutical
8. May & Baker Nigeria Plc
9. GlaxoSmithKline Nigeria
10. Fidson Healthcare

The above listed are the names of pharmaceutical companies with their head offices in Lagos. If you are looking for vacancies in these firms, below are some of their contact details:


1. Emzor Pharmaceuticals

Their office in Nigeria is;
Plot 3c, Aswani Market Road,
Isolo/Apapa Express Way,
Oshodi, Lagos State.
Tel No; +234 1 452 3570
+234 1 452 5288

2. Evans Medical Plc

Address: Plot 6c, Abimbola Way,
Isolo/Apapa Express Way,
Lagos State.
Tel No: +234 1 790 1401

3. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Nigeria

Their address in Nigeria;
1, Industrial Avenue,
Ilupeju, Lagos.
Tel: +234 1 271 1000

4. Chemiron International Limited

Address: Plot 12, Block B, Metal Box Road,
Ogba, Lagos state.
Tel No: +234 1 773 5817

5. Fidson HealthCare Limited

Address: 215/219 Ikorodu Road,
Olabode House,
Obanikoro, Lagos state.
Tel No: +234 1 493 3319

6. May and Baker Nigeria Plc (Nigeria’s first pharmaceutical company)

Address: 3/5 Sapara Street,
Industrial Estate,
Ikeja, Lagos.
Tel No: +234 1 496 8130

7. Embassy Pharmaceutical and Chemicals Limited

Address: 41, Ademola Street,
Ikoyi, Lagos.
Tel No: +234 1 480 0581

Those are the top pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria and their website, email address or telephone numbers in case you want to reach any if them for information on what they do or for job vacancies.

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