Top 7 Health Benefits of Taking A Nap

The Importance of Taking Naps

This article is about the amazing health benefits of taking a nap. A nap is also known as a siesta and it is a short or brief sleep, especially during the day. A nap is also known generally as afternoon rest or sleep. Taking a wonderful nap during the day can really help those who do not get enough sleep at night for one reason or the other. In this post, we shall look at the health benefits of taking a nap in the following paragraphs. 


Health Benefits of Taking a Nap 

1. Taking a Nap Helps Boost Alertness 

Taking a nap helps to really improve alertness and boost motor performance. This is actually why you feel recharged after taking a great siesta. It increases your mental alertness.

2. Taking a Nap Helps Reduce Stress

It should be noted that taking regular, short naps help to reduce tension, and this to a greater extent helps to lower one’s your risk of having heart disease.

3. Taking a Nap Helps Improve Your Mood


If you have suffered from a sleepless night, which is scientifically known as insomnia, you will know that it is hard to in a good mood the next day. However, a well deserved nap can help erase that sleep-deprived irritability.

You should also note that a short nap is a wiser choice than going at full stretch afternoon sleep if you need a mid-day reboot. To achieve a good afternoon’s rest, avoid consuming caffeine as this can negatively affect your sleep even at night.

4. Taking a Nap stimulates your brain

Taking a nap is good for the brain to function effectively. It is totally healthy for you, and you’ll wake up without that feeling of ‘brain-fog’ clouding the rest of your day.

5. Taking a Nap Helps Improve Heart Health 

People who sleep very little each day put themselves at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Short naps, especially those less than 30 minutes which don’t run the risk of causing sleep inertia (grogginess) are a great way to counter to effects of sleep deprivation and reducing the risk of hypertension and other heart conditions.

6. Taking a Nap Helps Improve Mental Health

We’ve all experienced what it’s like to ‘get out of the wrong side of bed’. It puts us in a grumpy mood and it’s the worst way to start your day. Whilst scientists still don’t know the full extent to which sleep regulates our emotions, one study in elderly people revealed that a 30-minute nap between 3 and 5 pm, followed by moderate evening exercise such as a gentle walk, improved the mental health of participants.

7. Taking a Nap Helps Boost Creativity 

Recent research has thrown more light into the creativity-boosting effect of taking naps. Short power naps increase activity in the right hemisphere of the brain, the side that’s associated with creativity.

Having gone through the health benefits of taking a nap, you should try it and tap into this powerful, healing gift of nature.

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  1. indeed taking a nap is very essential to one’s health. It builds the body system and equally helps one to ease stress. Dont think after seeing these benefits one will still not carve out time for siesta.
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