Top 6 Reasons to Buy Smartphones Bigger Than Five Inches

This post will intimate you on six reasons to get smartphones bigger than five inches. Over the years, the Android smartphone makers have explored many variations in terms of the display size, shifting the ideal size from 2.5 inches to 6.3 inches.


Eventually, the smartphones have been growing bigger in size and they have reached a point after which they cannot get bigger. According to Gadget to Use, the increase in the number of smartphones with larger display sizes over five inches has opened a new segment called ‘Phablet’.

Lately, almost all the smartphones that have been launched since 2012 come with an average display size of 4.5 inches or above. Especially, the high-end Android offerings come with five inches plus displays. Not only Android smartphones, even Windows Phone manufacturers are coming up with large-screen phones in order to stay ahead of the race.

Also Cupertino-based tech titan, Apple, has announced a four-inch iPhone and is tipped to be working on a 4.8 inch and 6-inch iPhone models. But, what is the reason for the manufacturers to launch super-sized smartphones and the consumers to like the trend? It could be anything like bigger screens are better for texting, browsing or any such functionality. Below we shall look at six advantages that justify that smartphones should be having large-sized displays.

Advantages Using Smartphones Bigger than Five Inches: Top Six 

1. Visual Delight 

The smartphones not only come with large screens, but they also come with advanced technologies and high pixel density, offering a visual treat to the users. The large displays offer more real estate to house widgets and app icons and they are ideal to enjoy high definition wallpapers and live wallpapers.

2. Engaging Games 

With the increasing number of addictive games, there is no reason to explain the advantage of large screen phones when it comes to playing games. Such large displays definitely make the fantastic graphics enjoyable and do justice to the graphic intense games. Besides large displays, the heavy games do require good storage space and processing speed as well.


3. Browsing Pictures 

The large screen devices are very comfortable and convenient to browse the snaps that have been clicked. Be it the smartphone’s gallery, photographs, wallpapers or images on social networks, the big screen phones are there best ones.

4. Social Networking 

Large sized smartphones make social networking convenient as they provide a similar experience as computers. Bigger screens make it easier to read the updates, view the posts shared by friends, post an update or perform any such activity.

5. Reading e-books

The evolution of technology has surely swapped the need of buying or borrowing books to keep up our reading habits. There are a slew of e-book reader apps that can be downloaded on the smartphones to enjoy reading anything that we want to. Since the mobile is ultra portable, we can take just a tap to read any book using the large screen smartphones. Bigger displays produce more content on a single page thereby avoiding the need to scroll or turn the page.

6. Easy Typing 

With the combination of large displays and cloud storage facilities, it is easy to access the data from any device and anywhere. Users can simply create or edit documents and files right from their smartphone and save them to the cloud storage using a slew of services such as Skydive, OneNote, Dropbox and others. Using the virtual keyboard is also easy in big screen devices as compared to the ones with small screens.


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