Top 5 Weird Looking Buildings In The World With Pictures

The world has some really interesting architectural masterpieces, some of which are very weird and strange. These buildings are expensive too and one is left with the thought of how they were first thought about before they were constructed. 

In this post, we shall look at the top 5 strange looking buildings in the world in pictures… In no particular order.

1. Longaberger Headquarters, USA 

Built in 1999, this basket-shaped building is home to the Longaberger company which manufactures and distributes hand-crafted maple wood baskets and other home and lifestyle products.


2. Palais Ideal du Facteur Cheval, France


Built by Ferdinand Cheval for over 30 years (between 1879 and 1909), this building was his representation of the “Ideal Palace” and it has become a monument in Hauterives, France.

3. Dancing House, Czech Republic



The Dancing house is one of Frank Gehry’s masterpieces and it has history, it’s historical importance is one that brings pride to the Czechs. The dancing house was completed in 1996, and it is situated in a house destroyed by the US bombing of Prague in the mid-’40s.

4. Habitat 67, Canada 


Habitat 67 is a housing complex located in Montreal, Canada. It takes its name from 1967, the year in which it was built.

5. The Crooked House, Poland 


Located in Sopot, Poland and the exact representation of its name, this building looks Crooked. It is quite unusual and it was built in 2004. Its local name in Polish is “Krzywy Domek

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