Top 5 Scariest Things Employees Hear At Work

In this post, we will look at the worst things people are told at their places of work. Employees go to work to enjoy what they do but on some days, they could be told some of the scariest things ever.


Working to earn a living is a responsible thing to do but when employees hear certain words that are capable of upsetting them, they feel really uncomfortable.

Below are the top 5 worst things workers hear at their work places. 

1. “You will be introduced to your new boss today!” 

This begs the question, “what happened to the former boss?”. As an employee, one thing is for sure, once you hear that you will have a new boss, it just has a way of getting you scared a bit as you do not know what to expect from the new man in charge.

One of the reasons you tend to get scared is because, you were not certainly involved in the process of naming your new boss.

2. “The Management Has Been In There Since Morning!” 

As an employee, you tend to feel shaky once you hear this as you might feel that a big issue has happened and you probably have no clue what it is all about and you’re waiting anxiously for top management to finish up their meeting of several hours so you can hear how it went and if it’s a decision to sack you (lol).

3. “This Letter Arrived At Your Desk This Morning” 

Truth be told, nobody sends good news through a letter to their workers these days. Once you hear that as an employee, it might press the panic button in you that the worst might have happened, but that might actually be a letter for something else.


4. “See Me” 

Boss walks in, gives you that serious look and says, “see me”, oh my, your mind will surely travel to different places and different things at the same time.

Even when you’re certain you didn’t do anything wrong, you as an employee tend to be jittery when “see me” comes out of the blue from the boss at work.

5. “Company Will Lay Off Workers And The Details Will Be Announced In Two Weeks” 

This is certainly no good news for any employee. It’s really scary and not sounding nice. Having heard one bad news and the promise of its confirmation to come in the following weeks, this certainly destabilizes the thoughts and peace of mind of any employee.

Which do you think is scariest? Over to you!

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