Top 5 Lies Guys Tell Ladies to Get Them In Bed

This post exposes 5 Lies Guys Often Tell Ladies In Relationships To Get Them In Bed

Many lies have been told to people in a relationship and this often comes from the male folk  to the womenfolk. Some guys believe women love to be told lies and some ladies too often hate to be told the truth but they want to be deceived or sweet lied to.


But before you push yourself into a mess and say all men are the same, these are lies often told in relationships and the consequences aren’t far fetched.

1. Let me test your fertility before marriage: no s*x, no marriage

The primary aim of marriage as God intended is for companionship, where a man and his wife can be of help to one another in the fulfillment of His purpose in life. However, the secondary reasons is for raising godly offspring.

But it’s quite unfortunate that many are putting the cart before the horse by testing their partner’s fertility before marriage as opposed to God’s law of having the marriage bed undefiled.

What guarantee do you have if you test his or her fertility before marriage? That she conceive before marriage is a wicked practice before God and a great offence to the man of God that orchestrated the joining.

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Don’t allow yourself to be a specimen for fertility test before marriage. It’s a culture from hell for a man or woman to promote premarital s*x. A man that can’t trust God to provide an offspring will never be faithful to you during trials in marriage.

2. Let’s do it since we’re getting married

One of the common lies that men often dish out to get ladies pregnant before marriage is this. That he will marry you doesn’t make you husband and wife until you’re officially wedded. Don’t sell your s*xual purity for promise even if he will fulfill it, it’s a union of fornicators.

Marriage isn’t entered into by test running, it’s a covenant relationship and not a commodity or object. Mind you, whatever bad foundation you lay before marriage will become the avenue that would destroy your union in marriage because whatsoever a man sow, he will surely reap.

Don’t reap God’s judgment in marriage. Ladies, stand on your ground. If he wants s*x before marriage, show him the exit door. God will never give you a man that would violate His law but the devil will bring someone that would destroy your life so that you’d miss God’s perfect gift.

3. Everybody is doing it

This is another popular lie often told to get ladies in bed. Not everyone is having s*x before marriage. Not everyone will disobey or is disobeying God. God has thousands of His children in every tribe or generation who hasn’t traded His word for the lies often sold.

Be the next Joseph that would flee the appearance of evil. Dare to be a Daniel that wouldn’t defile herself (addressing the women) with the portion of the king’s meat nor with the wine he drank. Maintain your s*xual purity like Virgin Mary or other sisters around whom God’s proud of.

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4. Let’s be ‘romancing’ ourselves but have no s*x

How can you play with fire and you would escape from being burnt? You cannot subject your body to immoralities and you wouldn’t graduate to the next level.

To be candid, you might start well and be successful with kissing, but you’re gradually breaking the hedge of your self-control and someday, you’ll land in bed or he’ll seduce you to bed.

You’re a mortal and not an angel. You can’t tolerate the likes of kissing, petting, caressing each other’s body or fondling for too long and you won’t move further to the level of premarital s*x.

Flee youthful lust and embrace righteousness! Anyone that tells you that ‘romancing’ won’t lead to s*x is only seeking for an avenue to destroy you someday.

5. Prove it to me that you love me

Love is not a formula that you need to prove before you know it exists. It’s only a thing that does not exist on the superficial level that you need to prove its existence.

A lot of guys ask ladies to prove their love to them through premarital s*x. My dear, are you a s*x formula or object? If you love him, do the best you can ever do for him that wouldn’t lead you to regret. Don’t ever give anyone your body outside marriage as a proof for love.

Dear ladies, many guys would walk in and out of your life before the right one finally comes. How many do you want to prove love to with your body if s*x is a proof for love?

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A relationship entered into through lies cannot last even if you later did the right thing. How can you escape lies in your relationship? Know the truth and walk in it because it is ONLY the truth that you live with that will set you free from bondage or bitter consequences.

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