Top 11 Inventors Of African Descent

Africa is home to some of the brightest minds around. With the world going technological and at a very fast rate, Africans have stepped up their game in ensuring that their names are written alongside their American and European counterparts when the role call of inventors is taken.

Below are the top 11 Inventors Of African Descent

1. Philip Emeagwali (Father of the Internet):

While it is actually difficult to pinpoint who invented the internet, it is important to say that many scientists and mathematicians contributed to its development. It is a fact that as early as the 1950s, computers were sending signals to each other but the internet owes much of its existence and upgrade to the Nigerian math whiz, Philip Emeagwali who developed the formula for allowing a large number of computers to communicate at once and at very fast rate.

2. Henri Johnson (Speed Gun):

This brilliant mind invented the speed gun which measures precisely the speed and angles of speeding objects like tennis balls and crickets. The speed gun was launched during the 1999 Cricket World Cup at the Oval in England.

3. Ferdinand Chauvier (Pool Cleaner):

Ferdinand Chauvier, a hydraulics engineer is the inventor of the pool cleaner. The swimming pool cleaner, also known as Kreepy Krauly is an automatic vacuum cleaner which helps keep pools clean and tidy.


4. Arthur Zang (CardioPad):

This device was invented by the renowned Cameroonian engineer, Arthur Zang. It is a touchscreen medical tablet which enables heart examinations like electrocardiogram (ECG) to be performed even at remote locations. The information gotten from the CardioPad can be transferred to specialists around the world for further investigation.

5. Trevor Lloyd Wadley (Tullerometer):

This device was invented in 1959, it is also called Micro-Distancer MRA 1. Trevor Lloyd Wadley developed an ionoside for measuring the earth’s ionosphere, also, he developed the Wadley loop circuit for greater stability in communication receivers.

6. George Pratley (Pratley Putty):

This device was used to hold bits of the Apollo XI mission’s Eagle landing craft together in 1969. Developed by George Pratley of South Africa.

7. Gordon Mayhew-Ridgers and Paul van Jaarsveld (Quiet Cellular Antenna):

These inventors are from South Africa. This Quiet Cellular Antenna is a technology that reduces noisy emissions from cellular base stations for Vodacom.

8. Allan McLeod Cormack (CT Scanner):

This South African physicist published two papers of his invention in 1963 and 1964. He was the first to analyse and explore the possibilities of developing a radiological cross-section of a biological system. This was the research that brought about theoretical foundation of the CT scanner. Based on his work, British engineer, Godfrey Hounsfield successfully developed the first commercially successful CT scanner.

Allan McLeod Cormack and Godfrey Hounsfield both share the 1979 Nobel prize award for the invention of this major medical masterpiece.

9. Rachid Yazami (Graphite Anode):

This Moroccan inventor invented graphite anode of Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. He bagged a PhD in 1985 at Grenoble Institute of Technology.

10. Louis Liebenberg and Lindsay Stevenson (Cyber Tracker):

These South African inventors are credited with developing the cyber tracker, it helps in tracking animals in the field. This handheld device was connected to a satellite navigation system in 1996. Even illiterate people can make use of the device.

11. William Kamkwamba (Electricity-Generating Windmill):

Originally from Malawi, this inventor became famous after building a windmill to power few electrical appliances at his family home. He has stepped up his game and developed solar-powered water pump that supplies his village with drinkable water.

Indeed Africa is blessed with great minds.

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