Top 10 Things Nigerians Love

Are you wondering about the things Nigerians love? Well, Nigerians value a wide range of things that if we are to write them down, it probably will be in the form of an encyclopedia. However, there are a few that are more pronounced than the others.


Things Nigerians Love

Enjoy my top 10 list of what Nigerians love and value. Well, you wouldn’t tell me am biased? Lol..Just list yours out using the comment box after the article let see whose list is more interesting.


This is top on the list of what Nigerians love and it is here on purpose, you can’t deny it, I can’t either, it is an established fact that Nigerians love free things. In fact, we even have our own coined word for it; Awuff. Average Nigerian love free things. Little wonder MTN Nigeria introduced their 300% airtime bonus and named it Awuff4u.


This one is general. An average person will have a flare for turning up. Whether he/she is an European, American or even those in the Middle East. However, I care less about them, it Nigerians am talking about now and they are a party freak like no other. We organize birthday party, wedding party, naming ceremony, graduation party, promotion party and a whole range of other party that are actually not needed. Owanbe is a popular word for it in Yoruba land.


The social networking sites and apps are one of the things Nigerians don’t only value, but are also addicted to. Many spend their leisure and even the time they are supposed to be productive on this. The popular ones we are into are Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. Forums such as Nairaland where we interact is always active. Most of these social media freak get details of what is happening in the country from these apps and sites rather than from the main stream news outlets.

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Nigerians don’t only love fashion, they are drown in it. From the latest fashion around the world to our own traditional fashion style, Nigerians are into them. What we wear might not be expensive but I tell you this, you will fall in love with it on our body.


Nigerians especially it male folks are lovers of football. When the uneducated youth in the village is a follower and lover of football and have that one club in Europe that he supports. How they choose to select this club is what I can’t comprehend. All I know is that Nigerian youths love football and can argue it all day long.



May be because of the unfavorable economic situation in the country, many Nigerians would not mind traveling out of the country when given a chance. That’s why we are scattered all over the lucrative countries of Europe and America as well as Africa.


I raise my hands up for the car lovers. Twale babas… That’s because I am a proud member of this group of Nigerians. It only in Nigeria that you will see someone without a motorcycle tyre with pictures of all luxurious cars packed into his phone and wouldn’t hesitate to upload it on social media.


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