Top 10 Tested and Trusted Nigerian Banks Currently

In this article, we shall take a look at the top 10 banks in Nigeria currently that you can trust. These Nigerian financial institutions have over the years proved themselves worthy of merit and it is without fail that Nigerian Infopedia brings this to you. The tested and trusted Nigerian banks are given in the paragraphs below. 


In Nigeria today, there are a total of 21 commercial banks which have been licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to function and to provide services to all Nigerian customers. Finding a bank in Nigeria that you can trust is very important for your financial transaction purposes that is why Nigerian Infopedia has compiled a detailed list of the top 10 banks in Nigeria that you can trust. 

Top 10 Tested and Trusted Nigerian Banks Currently 

1. Central Bank of Nigeria

This is Nigeria’s apex Bank. It is the leading financial institution in the country and it is responsible for regulating all banking activities in Nigeria. The Central Bank of Nigeria was established in 1958 and it controls to a very large extent the Nigerian economy.

2. Diamond Bank Nigeria

Diamond bank was founded in 1990. It is considered to be one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria. Their total assets are estimated to be nearly N5 trillion. Diamond Bank customer deposits are estimated to be about N206 million. They have over the years been reliable. 

3. Access Bank Nigeria

Access Bank is a multinational commercial bank. Access bank is known for its acquisition of Intercontinental bank and it is headquartered in Lagos. It started its activity in the financial market in 1989 – when they got their license.

Access bank has up to 309 offices all over the country, as well as 1600 automatic cash dispensers. 


4. First Bank of Nigeria

First Bank of Nigeria is Nigeria’s oldest bank and it was established in 1894. It is a leading bank in Nigeria and it is considered to be one of the main creditors that provides a universal range of banking services. Its total assets comes to about N25 trillion.

5. Ecobank

Ecobank is known for its acquisition of Oceanic bank in Nigeria. It is a banking group present in most African countries including Nigeria. This financial institution is a leading independent banking group in Central and Eastern Africa. The Bank has more than 750 offices in 32 countries on the continent. It focuses on general banking services and catering to individuals. Total assets are N1.146 trillion. The headquarter is based in Lomé, the capital of Togo. 

6. Fidelity Bank Plc

Fidelity Bank Plc is one of the most popular Nigerian banks, with their headquarters in Lagos. It began its financial activity in 1988 as a merchant bank. However, in 1999 it was transformed into a commercial bank. It became a universal bank in February 2001 occupying one of the positions among the most essential Nigerian financial establishments. Nowadays it operates in more than 150 branches in main commercial centers of the country. Customer deposits constitute N806 billion. Total assets are reaching N8 trillion.

7. United Bank for Africa (UBA) 

It is one of the most famous Nigerian banks. It was established in 1949. Nowadays it is considered to be one of the leading financial institutions in Africa. The bank operates in 19 African countries and has about 750 offices.

8. Union Bank of Nigeria

Union Bank of Nigeria is a large commercial bank. The institution was founded in 1917 as a colonial bank. It is one of the oldest banks in Nigeria. Among African banks, it occupies the 14th position. Bank assets now are about $6.130 billion.

9. Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank was established in 1990. Currently, it is believed to be one of the biggest financial companies in Africa. Their services can now be found in various African countries like Gambia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, South Africa and England.

10. Keystone Bank

Keystone Bank is formerly known as Platinum Habib Bank. This bank isn’t so old, as it was set up only in 2011. It consists of 200 offices. Keystone Bank belongs to Asset Management Company of Nigeria. Its assets now exceed 8 billion dollars.

The above are the top 10 trusted banks in Nigeria today.

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