Top 10 Richest Yahoo Boys in Nigeria 2019 (Pictures)

This is the list of 10 popular biggest boys in Nigeria who engage in yahoo yahoo business and are extremely rich, flaunting their wealth on social media and have become the talk of the town in the country.

Although, some unpopular bigger boys in the country exists, the ones listed here are known around, made names for themselves and are known to spend their monies lavishly on drinks, cars, and take pictures of their rich life-styles.

We call them alleged yahoo guys in Nigeria as the source of their wealth is never known. We take a cursory look at the popular list of top 10 yahoo boys in Nigeria today and their pictures:

Ray HushPuppi


HushPuppi stands out as the richest biggest boy in the country due to his popularity and wealth which he showcases on his Instagram page and other social media networks.

His news are always on various blogs. The profile of Ray HushPuppi shows that he comes from a very poor family background but got wealthy after travelling to Malaysia where he stayed for four years.

It is said that he has one of the largest following on Instagram. You see him engage with social media fights with popular musicians and celebrities like Phyno, Ice Prince, Kcee, and Davido.


He claims to be the “GUCCI king in Nigeria” and their ambassador. Just like his fellow big boys, he uploads a lot of his photos flaunting his watches, cars, house, clothes and expensive life-style on Instagram.

Shy Boss


Innocent looks with an expensive life style is what Shy Boss has as he entertains his over 180k followers on his Instagram page. What we gathered is that is also a top Nigerian big boy who earns big.

Although Shy Boss claims he used to be shy, he is Nigerian socialite who shows off his expensive wears and accessories.



Sometimes pictures don’t lie. Mompha is a rich businessman in Lagos who uploads pictures of himself holding bunches of dollar notes on his Instagram page.

He is also one of the top Nigerian big boys. What differentiates him from the rest is that he often give tips to his followers on how to earn money by working hard.

Mompha also owns the Mompha Bureau De Change venture in Lagos State which most people say its one of the sources of his wealth.

Baddy Oosha


Another richest yahoo boys in the country is Baddy Oosha. He is currently based in Malaysia but was given birth to here in Nigeria.

His real name is Badmus Akeem. His popularity has seen him act a movie with Toyin Aimakhu. He also is been mentioned in music of popular artiste like 9ice, Lil Kesh and Olamide.

King Jide

A Nigerian big boy based in South Africa known as the Mayor of Capetown. His expensive life-style has seen him attract a whole lot of fans.

He became more famous when he squandered a wholly N5 million Naira on 1 Dom Perignon and 30 Ace of Spades in Lagos.

No one knows where his millions or source of wealth comes from but we know that he is living large and showcases his wealth.


He is also one of the biggest boys in Nigeria at the moment alongside other yahoo guys such as Kayode Philips and H Money.

He is known for his heavy spending. These Nigerian big boys on this list makes the average Nigerian youth see no reason why they need two kidneys, one can do the work.

Opa6ix real name is Oluwasegun Akinola Opaogun and just as Baddy Osha, he too has been mentioned in various songs by Nigerian music acts such as Small Doctor, Reminisce, and 9ice.

Aremo Gucci

Also on the list of richest yahoo guys in Nigeria is Aremo Gucci, a popular socialite with hundreds of thousands of followers on his Instagram account.

He just like Hushpuppy flaunts Gucci wears and items. He also lives an expensive life-style and spends lavishly.

He has plenty of flashy cars and it is said that his crib is exquisite. He’s one of the top big boys in Nigeria who tried hiding his wealth but couldn’t due to his way of spending.

B Naira

B Naira is a musician. Although not too popular, he earns money from his music sales. He also owns a music producing studio. He’s rich, young, heavily followed and loved for his luxury living.

His real name is Adewale Adebayo and hails from Ekiti state. His song titled “Jasi” earned him fame and little recognition in the country’s music industry. B Naira studied Geography and graduated from University of Lagos (UNILAG).

Investor BJ


Also considered among the biggest boys in the country, he claimed to be the only African recognized by Gucci in Malaysia with proof.

9ice recently praised in his song “Living Things”, alongside other yahoo guys such as Opa6ix, HushPuppi and Baddy Oosha. One controversy that brought Investor BJ to the lime light was when he blasted HushPuppi for testing clothes and taking photo shots with him at Gucci office.

To validate his claim as the only legally recognized African Gucci ambassador in Malaysia, he posted a photo of himself in their office where he bought some costly Gucci outfits.

It was said that he did this to beef HushPuppi. He captioned the photo with words that made HushPuppi’s show off and dramatically nice photos absurd with the Gucci brand products he bought.

Deskid Wayne

Deskid Wayne is last on the list. He is also a big boy that chose to stay faithful to his girlfriend “The Queen” upon all the money he has.

Deskid Wayne is really one of the biggest guys in Nigeria, living a rich life-style. Even though he is young, it is said that the money he makes on a daily to weekly basis is mouth watering.

Fame struck him when he put on fire the highest denomination of a dollar currency and put the picture of what he did online. He also posts pictures of himself and his girlfriend for his IG followers to admire.


While there are other self acclaimed big boys who allegedly involve themselves in shady businesses that are not morally right, this ones surfaced on social media.

Musicians such as Naira marley, Zlatan and co has sang songs which allegedly seem like they are promoting Yahoo Yahoo through their lyrics. They were both arrested (Zlatan has been released on bail while Naira marley is still in custody of te EFCC)

We advice our youths to toe the right path in life, so as to be known for the right reasons. What is your thoughts on our top 10 richest yahoo boys in Nigeria today.


The Author

Jide Adeyoye Franklin

Jide is a prolific writer, researcher and a certified author on Nigerian Infopedia. He is a very experienced tech personality with knowledge in SEO and current trends online.


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