Top 10 Places To Visit In Nigeria

Are you looking for the best places to visit in Nigeria? Then, you need to read this post as it will unveil the top 10 places to visit in Nigeria anytime you’re in the country. While when most people think about tourism, they think of East and Central Africa, it is worth of mention that other part of the country, Nigeria specifically has many tourist attractions to blow your mind off. Some of these places are discussed below.

obudu cattle ranch


Formerly known as Obudu Cattle Ranch, this tourist hub is a place to visit in Nigeria. It is located on Obudu plateau in Cross River state. It has a semi-temperate mountain climatewhich is appealing to many. This place is a resort as well as a ranch. Anytime you are here, don’t forget to make use of the cable car which is the longest in the world. This place is also the host to the popular Obudu Mountain Race which brings many people from different part of the world to the plateau.


Also known as Oke-Idanre, this place is located in Idanre, Akure in Ondo state. It has one of the most beautiful landscapes with it intimidating mountain heoght and valleys. The mountain Idanre hill stands spectacularly at a height of about 3000ft. to get to the top, one need to use the 660 steps and the few resting spots. In this places, important cultural stuffs like the Owa’s Palace, Shrines, Old Court, Belfry, Agbooogun footprint, thunder water (Omi Apaara) and burial mounds and grounds can be found here. This place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Isaac Boro Garden Park is situated opposite the Mile One Bridge along the Old GRA in Port Harcourt. This garden park today has become a tourist location where baseball and softball are played and a center for trade fairs and live entertainment. In this place, the tomb of Major Isaac Boro lays here. He is a soldier killed in the Nigeria Civil War.


This place just like the Idanre Hill is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site tentative list, it is located in Kano and depict a defence system built by the ancient people of Kano to protect themselves from invaders. It is a 14km radius fence that has a spiritual, cultural and historical significance.


Located in Cross Rivers, Calabar to be precise, this place is a place to visit if you are in the country. The charm of Calabar mingled with the taste of its rich culture gives Tinapa Free Zone & Resort that magnificent scenario that wow tourists. This place has 860,000 sqftlettable retail space and an entertainment strip that houses a digital cinema, a restaurants, mini amphitheater, a casino and children’s arcade as well asa Studio Tinapa for Nollywood, the night club and pubs.



The Nok culture and it arts are very popular historical facts in Nigeria and beyond. Are you interested in knowing about this ancient civilization, then a trip to Jaba in Kaduna where the ancient Nok settlement is will give you a peep into what it looks like.


In AkwaIbom state lays the longest sand beach in West Africa;Ibeno beach.  The beach extends across 30 km along the Atlantic and from the beach all the way down to Jamestown.


The coconut beach located at Badagry in Lagos is an ideal place for catching fun. The beautiful beach is surrounded by coconut trees and stretch for about 20 miles around the Nigerian-Benin Republic border.


The Kainji National Park is the largest national park in Nigeria, it spans through Niger statee and Kwara. The park is made of 3 sectors; the Kainji lake section, Borgu Game Reserve and the Zugurma Game Reserve.


This millennium Park is the last on our list of the top 10 places to visit in Nigeria. It is located in Maitama, Abuja. The Millennium Park is the largest public park in the count. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom was the one who inaugurated the park that has become kids’ paradise and a relaxation haven.


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  1. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    Tourism is actually a nice act or a kind of hobby,Nigeria is one of the nicest countries to tour in.Danre hill and others are actually nice places to view.Nigeria is actually a blessed country
    Quiz number _108
    Group 3

  2. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    It’s really nice to tour in Nigeria especially visiting danre hills and so many others
    Quiz number 108
    Group 3

  3. Anagboso chimdimma joy

    when we speak of tourism don’t forget to add Nigeria because there are many places to visit lagos, Ibadan and so many other States has a lot of places you can have fun,and also learn some certain things about the places including the history.
    Anagboso chimdimma joy
    no 82

  4. Awogwo winnifred ifunanya

    obudu cattle ranch is one of the best place I will like to visit,it is full of adventures ,you learn many things from there,lots of fun and so much experience. (116)group 3

  5. Okeke Cynthia Chinecherem

    Wow! I had heard a lot from friends about this Cocoanut Beach Located at Badagry Lagos. I would love to visit there someday to see things myself. Quiz no:115 Group no:3

  6. esther .o.Dibia

    Places like this are where we can learn more things about our country and their significant
    quiz no75

    1. esther .o.Dibia

      quiz no 27

  7. ogonna marycynthia nkemjika

    Tourism can simply be define as d act of travelling or sightseeIng,particularly away from one”s home
    Quiz no 17

  8. Okeke Ezinne (140)

    Who says Nigeria isn’t a beautiful place?. These are places where beautiful memories can be made. The gurara falls inclusive.


    obudu mountain resort is a greate place to be indeed, it is not just use for relaxing it is also use for exception, I can still remember when a school visited it for facts, and its so nice that well talked about especially the cable car and valleys there, is were couples, students friends workers etc goes out for one thing to another is indeed a nice place to be and to remember

  10. Awogwo Winnifred ifunanya

    obudu cattle ranch is one of the best place I will like to visit, a place full of adventures were you could learn many things, lots of fun and full of experience. when you go there you must have story to tell. group 3(116)

  11. Awogwo Winnifred ifunanya

    obudu mountain resort is a greate place to be indeed,is a place for adventure,excortion,relaxation,confort,schools goes there for exception and others go for other important thing, couples, organization and more goes for lots of things but in all is for relaxation pleasures merriment, is indeed a great place to be, go with love ones for the fun of it and togetherness group 11(57)

  12. Nwangene Blessing

    Nigeria is a very beautiful country which has many tourist centers I.e obdurate cattle ranch, Calaba tinapa,in cross river and also ogbunike cave in An am bra state etc this tourist centers have a very interesting views, at times students do go there for excursion to see the tourist centers because it also help them in their academic. Name: Nwangene Blessing,Group5 quiz No:96

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