Top 10 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria (Updated)

We have various expensive secondary schools in Nigeria that offer quality education to their students. These schools are believed to be attended by wealthy Nigerian children whose parents can afford such extravagant tuition fee.

While there are also regular secondary schools with cheap tuition fees in Nigeria that could still offer quality education, they cannot be compared to these expensive secondary schools as the impact of these schools on the students make them stand out from the rest.

Below is a list of 10 Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria with their tuition fee per annum

1. Corona Secondary School, Agbara – N2.55million

2. Hillcrest School located, Jos – N2.65 million

3. Loyola Jesuit, Abuja – N2.8 million

4. Meadow Hall, Lagos – N3 million

5. Greensprings School – N3.185 million


6. Whiteplains British School, Abuja – N3.6 million

7. Day Waterman College, Abeokuta – N3.7 million

8. Lekki British International High School, Lagos – N4 million

9. British International School, Lagos – N4.48 million

10. Grange School, Lagos – N4.5 million

11. Lead British International School, Abuja – N1.5million

12. Nigerian Turkish International College, Abuja – N1.6million

13. International Community School, Abuja – N1.9million

14. Dowen College – N2million

15. Chrisland College, Ikeja – N2 million

16. Atlantic Hall, Epe, Lagos – N2.27 million

 From the above list of expensive secondary schools in Nigeria, we now know the most expensive school in Nigeria is British International School located in Lagos with school fees of N4.48 million.
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