Top 10 Biggest Spiders In The World + Pictures

The Largest Spiders In The World with Pictures

Nigerian Infopedia brings to you the list of world’s largest spiders with pictures. Most people have grown up only knowing tiny spiders, that is why it is necessary to let you in on certain massive spiders. It will surely excite you to learn about the world’s biggest spiders. These spiders are unbelievably big and we shall take them from smallest to largest.

List of Top 10 Largest Spiders in The World & Pictures

10. Cerbalus Aravensis


The Cerbalus Aravensis spider is the smallest of the largest spiders in the world on this list and it was discovered in Israel in 2009. This spider loves to live underground and lie in wait for prey. The legs span 5.5 inches.

9. Brazilian Wandering Spider


The Brazilian Wandering spider is one of the largest Spiders in the world and has one of the deadliest venoms of any spider. This spider’s venom rarely kills humans, but its bite will make you writhe in pain. It loves to hide in shoes so check your shoes properly before wearing.

8. Camel Spider


The Camel spider is also called the Scorpion spider because it’s related to both spiders and scorpions, and it looks a little like both. If that isn’t scary enough, they’re also 6-inches long.

7. Hercules Baboon Spider


The Hercules Baboon spider is the rarest spider in the world. This huge spider has an 8-inch leg span, but don’t let that scare you, because none of these spiders have been seen since the year 1900. So don’t be fooled by those pet stores that try to pass off other spiders as the rare Hercules Baboon. Despite its name, the Hercules doesn’t eat baboons. It prefers to feast on insects.

6. Colombian Giant Black Tarantula


The Colombian Giant Black tarantula is mostly black in color, but has brownish hairs and some reddish markings. It is an extremely aggressive eater and despite most humans being afraid of it, it is actually harmless to humans.

5. Brazilian Giant Tawny Red Tarantula


This big spider is native to Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina, the Brazilian Giant Tawny Red is a spider that is among one of the biggest in the world. The Brazilian giant tawny red spider is found as a pet worldwide. What makes these spiders interesting is that, unlike most spiders who suffer from parental abandonment, its mother actually sticks around to help it break free from the egg sack.

4. Poecilotheria Rajaei


The Poecilotheria Rajaei spider has been recently discovered in Sri Lanka 2009. This spider has an 8-inch leg span and has a pinkish-gray band on its abdomen. These spiders like to live in fallen trees, rocks and inside people’s homes. Think about that before visiting Sri Lanka. It is as large as the human face.

3. Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater


Despite the name, the Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater spider doesn’t eat birds. It instead feasts on insects, lizards, frogs and mice. This spider lives in the rainforest and has a 10-inch leg span. It has a brown body with salmon-pink hairs that it shoots at its prey to disable them. Then it pounces on its prey and spits digestive juices on it, pre-digesting the victim before sucking it up.

2. The Huntsman Spider


The Huntsman spider is really big. Its body can reach 1-foot long and its leg span can get up to 6-inches long. This spider is native to Asia, but can also be found in subtropical areas of Florida, Texas and California. The spiders traveled into the U.S. by hitching a ride on bananas, which is why their also called Banana spiders. Yuck, watch out next time you eat an imported banana. The creepiest factor about the Huntsman is that they are really fast, can walk sideways and can scurry up perfectly smooth surfaces, such as window glass, without a problem.

1. The Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula


This is the largest spider in the world, the Goliath Bird-Eating tarantula. This giant spider, true to its name, is large enough to eat birds. It is heavy too.  The spider has tiny hairs on its body and it uses these hairs to defend itself when threatened by shooting it at whoever or whatever is threatening it. Its bite isn’t deadly to humans (unless you’re allergic), but if you get bit by one, expect to experience severe pain, nausea and profuse sweating.

These are the largest Spiders in the world currently.

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