Top 10 Best Polytechnics in Nigeria (2019)

Do you have it in mind to study in any Nigerian polytechnic and are looking for the best polytechnics in Nigeria to study or advise a friend to study at?

If you do, then this post is for you as we have outlined the ranking of top ten best polytechnics in Nigeria this 2019 that offer unrivaled educational services. Note that these Nigerian polytechnics standard has been tested as their certificates are normally recognized anywhere in Nigeria.

Top 10 Best Polytechnics In Nigeria 2019

Auchi Polytechnic
Type: Federal Polytechnic
Rector: Dr. (Mrs.) Philipa O. Idogho
Located at Auchi in Edo State

Yaba College of Technology
Type: Federal Polytechnic
Rector: Dr. Mrs. Margaret Kudi Ladipo
Located at Yaba in Lagos State

Federal Polytechnic Nekede
Type: Federal Polytechnic
Rector: Dr. (Mrs) Celestine Ugochi Njoku
Location at Nekede, Owerri in Imo State

Polytechnic Ibadan
Type: State Polytechnic
Rector: Prof. Olatunde Olubadejo Fawole
Located at Ibadan in Oyo State

Lagos State Polytechnic
Type: State Polytechnic
Rector: Dr. Abdulazeez A. Lawal
Located at Ikeja in Lagos

Osun State Polytechnic
Type: State Polytechnic
Rector: Dr. Jacob O. Agboola
Located at Iree in Osun State

Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro
Type: Federal Polytechnic
Rector: Arc. Aluko Olusegun
Located at Ilaro in Ogun State

Imo State Polytechnic
Type: State Polytechnic
Rector: Fr. W.C. Madu
Located at Umuagwo in Imo State

Federal Polytechnic Oko
Type: Federal Polytechnic
Rector: Prof. Godwin Onu
Located at Oko in Anambra State

Kaduna Polytechnic
Type: Federal Polytechnic
Rector: Dr. M. B. Ibrahim
Located in Kaduna state

Those are the best polytechnics in Nigeria that are accredited and please note that these arrangement is subject to change, depending on performances.

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Top Ten Best Polytechnics In Nigeria 2019 (Recent Ranking)

#1. Auchi Polytechnic

Auchi poly has topped the list as the best federal polytechnic in the country to attend at the moment. Located in Edo state, this school has all it takes when it comes to quality education.

Their curriculum meets international standards and the presence of the modern digital library helps student who chose this polytechnic to study easily. The current Rector of Auchi poly is Dr. (Mrs.) Philipa O. Idogho.

#2. Yaba College of Technology

This educational institution was founded in 1947 and is the oldest polytechnic in the country. Also known as YABATECH, this school is the most popular polytechnic in Nigeria among students, especially Jambites.

When it comes to teaching, YABATECH have some of the best lecturers in the country with high educational qualifications. So if you attend this institution, you are sure to recieve quality education at its fullest.

As of writing this post, the school has over 34 academic departments and 50 accredited courses offered at both ND and HND levels respectively. YABATECH is located in Lagos state.

#3. Federal Polytechnic Nekede

Innovation and state of the art learning facility has always been the bone of contention when it comes to providing quality education in any university or academic institution. This is what Federal Polytechnic Nekede offers.

Located in the Imo state, Federal Polytechnic, Nekede ranks third best polytechnic in Nigeria and is also the most popular in the south-eastern region of the country.

Reviews from student studying at the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede say that education in the school is top notch. The current rector of the school is Dr. (Mrs) Celestine Ugochi Njoku.

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#4. Polytechnic Ibadan

The Polytechnic Ibadan is rated best state polytechnic in the country this 2018 and this school has lived up to its bidding. Located in Oyo state, there are 5 accredited faculties operating within the school and they are:

  • Engineering
  • Environmental studies
  • Business & Communication
  • Sciences
  • Financial Management

Polytechnic Ibadan was established in 1970 and they run National Diploma degrees and Higher National Diploma too. They have up to 25,000 students attending this school.

#5. Lagos State Polytechnic

Year to year, LASPOTECH is still ranked among the best academic institutions in the country. One achievement attributed to this school is that they take practicals seriously. The name of the rector is Dr. Abdulazeez A. Lawal.

It was reported that students of LASPOTECH recently built drones as project. The establishment of this institution goes in line with the promise of the state governor to empower youths with sound education so as to nuture future leaders of tomorrow.

#6. Osun State Polytechnic

With over 38 departments within seven faculties, OSPOLY also has what it takes to be among the best schools in the federation.

The polytechnic is located in Iree, Osun state and the rector is Dr. Jacob Agboola.

#7. Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro 

Another college worthy of mention that offers sound academic learning located in Ogun state.

Its a Federal Polytechnic and the name of its rector is Arc. Aluko Olusegun.

#8. Imo State Polytechnic

Formerly it was known as the Michael Okpara College of Agriculture, Umuagwo before it was renamed in 2007 as Imo State Polytechnic in 2007.

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The development of various cassava species saw this college excel in agriculture. Located at Umuagwo in Imo State, some of the courses offered at the Imo state polytechnic include:

  • Agricultural science
  • Management sciences
  • Engineering and food science.

#9. Federal Polytechnic Oko

The Federal Polytechnic Oko was formerly attached to the College of Arts and Science in Anambra state in 1979. It was in 1985 that the college became a polytechnic after meeting the requirements.

The former rector was Prof. Onu made the school attractive. No wonder it became the choice for many young school leavers according to data gotten from the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination Board.

#10. Kaduna Polytechnic

With over 30,000 students enrolled in KADPOLY, you can see reason why this poly is ranked among the top ten polytechnics in Nigeria. Located in Kaduna, this academic institution has been the choice of those from Northern Nigeria.

KADPOLY has 44 approved academic department running 138 programmes at the moment.


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  1. I see no polytechnic there if u didnt include Fedpoly Nasarawa…

    1. What of federal polytechnic of bida

  2. This is not true! What ‘re the criteria u’re using for the rating ?

  3. yea kadpoly x 1 of d best polytechnic in Nigeria

  4. wow fedpoly Nekede 3rd best keep it up

    1. 7 position not third

  5. No DSPG no poly…

  6. Saddam Yakubu Tafida

    What of federal poly Bali in Taraba State

  7. Saddam Yakubu Tafida

    what of federal poly Bali, in Taraba State ?

  8. What of federal poly bida Niger state and federal poly ede, osun state. Then tell us the criteria you use in the rating.

    1. Fedpoly bida, hope u know wat u r saying

  9. is not fair ooooo….. I’m schooling in oau but I will tell u dat federal polytechnic ede is best polytechnic in Africa, if u can come to my school u will c dem in top 3 wey sabi book. Mr rater, u no rate am well I swear.

    1. Do u tink evritin is book…. I’m a student of fedpolyede

      1. Thanks. Evertytin is not book. Characters and some others factor are inclusive

    2. Lol, Go to university of ibadan you we see poly ibadan student perform better than U. I student… Go to unilag yOu we see Yabatech students there. The more you look d less u see.

  10. Federal polytechnic Oko. Deserve the number one position.

    1. Yes ooo

    2. Not number one, they arrange them in descending order. Highest to lowest

  11. On what basis..let me guess . Dressing ., cheating. … hiss. Make dia students come spend 1 semester at FPTB


  13. U can’t even rate some of this poly above fed poly nasarawa and bida poly

  14. This rating I believed it covers only some part of the country and also some aspects of the polytechnic education. If you truly considering the actual rating believe me Federal Polytechnic Bauchi would have been among the best 5 polytechnic in Nigeria. Their students compete globally. Next when you are rating rate very well.

    1. You are right my brother

  15. Yes KADPOLY is one of d best and it wil alyz b d best

  16. I represent Federal polytechnic Nekede Owerri. That’s my amalmata

  17. James Okpanachi David

    Please fed poly Idah should make the next list, biko…

    1. Sure Naw! We deserve it. I am on of the Alumni


  19. Yes, Laspotec is on the list because we worth it. Am proud of my school Laspotec.

    1. ospoly is the best poly in world

      1. Dat true bro no other skool lyke ospoly

  20. What is the order of ranking? Is the first one (Auchi) the best and the last (Kaduna Polytechnic) the least of the 10, or in reverse order?

    1. Auchi is the first, according to the ranking


  22. Osun state poly is the best

  23. who is talking about KADPOLY? a polytechnic that runs 7-8 months as just a semester. KADPOLY then not now

    1. You right KADPOLY is weak!Exam just began for 1st semester while others are preparing for 2nd semester.

  24. Osun state polytechnic, Iree. To be sincere is one of the best. Great ospoly

  25. yabatech is the best polytechnic in everything

    1. tell dem….we lead, others follow. Rep d 1st nd still best

  26. Fed. Poly Auchi rocks. It is the best any day anytime.

  27. safiyanu Ibrahim Musawa

    we are not agree with this rating. You use your selfish interest in rating the polytechnics. I believed katsina poly must be enlisted. the rector prof Y.Haruna is a good man.

    1. @ ibrahim musawa. Your sentence alone is enough to send minister of education to your school

    2. If you are or were a student of Kastina Polytechnic then i am not surprised that the school was not in the list!

  28. Imopoly,top ranking poly,bt I still believe the wil become first,

  29. Bello Sheriff Adekunle

    Osun state polytechnic IREE, is one of the best and am proud of IREE OSUN STATE POLYTECHNIC IREE. GREAT OSPOLY !!!!!!!

  30. u people are rating nonsense, where do u keep Rufus giwa polytechnic Owo, is one of d best polytechnic

    1. Dont say dat again
      With ologunagba rector or ajibefun regime?

  31. U people got it wrong bcos failed to mention Federal poly,In Ebonyi State,IMT in Enugu state,Nasarawa poly,

  32. Your Ratings is a mockery if you fail to include Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo,formerly Ondo state Polytechnic. Go & do proper analysis & research before you come up online with a Shabby rating like this.

  33. rubbish man, go back and do your research very well. this very one is not authentic.

    1. What are waziri umaru federal poly b k the best seince and technology in nigeria

  34. what of plapoly?

  35. l love d rating but anything IMO state per education is zero

  36. Well, of all these, all polytec are good, it all depends solely on you the student. No matter where u find ur self, you owe ur self studies and information. Just study u will outshine more than it competitors. Thank u

  37. Federal Polytechnic Bauchi is one of the best in Nigeria. I’m an Alumni. It is a great institution.

  38. Kwara State Polytechnic best polytechnic in Africa

  39. auchi poly still remains the best in nigeria

  40. am not a polythechnic graduate and am not from nasarawa state, but i think that FEDERAL POLY NASARAWA is one of the best poly, AUCHI is the best

  41. What of federal poly kaura Namoda zamfara state , many southern student leaving their state comming down there, if it is not rating best why so? I cant believe ooo.

  42. Arc William Osumbu

    Would Suggest you tell the Yardstick for your Rating next time Sir…and also enquire about Nigerian Army Institute of technology n environmental science…it’s also a Polytechnic n worth a position on that list….Note

  43. Kwara State Polytechnic is the best Polytechnic in Nigeria!Talk abt Structures,Programs,Academics,Appearances and Academics Calendar etc.

  44. BIDA poly is the best ask very well

  45. Ilaro always there

  46. where on earth did you get your info? I’m Highly disappointed

  47. well.. the polytechnics Ibadan is the best.. it worth the rating manh

  48. Federal Polytechnic Idah Should be rated. Idah polytechnic leading Nigeria.

  49. nekede is the 2nd best polytechnic in Nigeria and nt 3rd

  50. Kwara state polytechnic remains the best in Nigeria

  51. am proud to be a graduate from Ospoly

  52. umar abdullahi hassan

    U dnt mention the best in all, which is The federal polytechnic bauchi

    1. Thank you, i share you thought. Which kaduna polytechnic. Is it by building or years. I even did not agree with the other once.

  53. Waziri Umaru Federal poly my best poly in nigar

  54. God for bit waziri umaru federal polytechnic Birnin, For doing Suhc king of Screening the are collection of 7000 thousand naira for fresh student while the continues they collecting your’s money within four thousand. there is Allah an don’t forget may rector malam sani

  55. I represent my institution Waziri Umaru Federal Polytechnic Birnin Kebbi Which is the best polytechnic in Nigerian Yeah May Thank goes To Almighty Allah That I getting Admission in Waziri Umaru

  56. olayiwola olushola

    when talking of rating/ranking either by merit or….. I’ m sure six of the polytechnic listed above will not be among the top 10 polytechnic in nigeria. As far as ranking is concern a proper and solid research must be carried out& then you can now justify according to their performance and conformance. using this research question to check the academic performance of those institution listed above (1) The effect of strike on the academic performance of polytechnic student in nigeria. (2) what is the behavior pattern/system of polytechnic student in Nigeria and their impact on Nigeria economic. (3) checking for how their facilities is being located and their quality work life. (4)
    do they have the number of quality lecturer, let check for dea qualification and let check on the organization structure (4) does the school have entrepreneurship center for there student………………..let just check for this incredible ranking in accordance with the criteria of world institution
    This ranking is according to Webometrics Ranking of World Universities in its first global ranking in 2017.
    Webometrics is world’s largest academic ranking of higher education institution. It is an initiative of the Cybermetrics Lab, a research group belonging to the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC), the largest research body in Spain.
    The global university rating agency also ranked MAPOLY 92nd among Nigerian tertiary institutions, comprising universities and polytechnics- public and private.
    In the ranking, University of Ibadan was ranked first in the country but 1335th in the world. Covenant University was 2nd/1788th, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) 3rd/1986th, University of Lagos 4th/2613rd, and University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) 5th/2652nd.
    Yaba College of Technology was ranked 59th, leading other universities and polytechnics in the country. Federal Polytechnic Ilaro 83rd, Kaduna Polytechnic 88th, while Lagos State Polytechnic was 100th on the ranking.
    Yabatech was 1st, Ilaro Poly 2nd, Kaduna Poly 3rd, MAPOLY 4th and LASPOTECH 5th in the Nigerian polytechnics ranking.
    This means MAPOLY is is best state-owned polytechnic in Nigeria country.
    The high ranking of MAPOLY is believed to be as a result of quality and qualitative education, conducive learning environment, standard teaching facilities, qualified academics, research, conference and stable academic calendar.
    The lofty position of the polytechnic could also be linked to its recent upgrade to a university of science and technology by Governor Ibikunle Amosun, sources said. I rep moshood abiola polytechnic…. I rep the whole polytechnic in Nigeria!!!!!!!!

    1. yes oooooo moshood abiola poly and laspotech can be ranked as d best polytechnics in nigeria no cheating. But above all, who poly help? who school help? and finally who nigeria sef help? just work on yourself and be the best you can, to be useful to yourself and the nation,instead of fighting on the best poly. period

    2. Bakare Muhammed Olatunji

      Yoruba adage says who have never reach someone else farm will be claiming is farm is most superior one if they born those that oppose the ranking just come down to Osun state polytechnic Iree and play you will see how your two years program will just turn to wasting of time because of many CO that you won’t able to solve. I rep Osun state polytechnic Iree faculty of engineering, department of electrical electronic power option. Prophet Bmo

  57. onwukwe chukwuemeka

    This list is deceptive and lacks empiricsl study. I can overlook the inclusion of federal polytechnic nekede. But that of imo polytechnic that has many unaccredited courses is a big joke. Of course, the list lacks merit.



  59. I love these in every good things happing both richest state, most beautiful state, best Polytechnic etc IMO State must be among the list am proud of my State

  60. pls let us see the state that has highest number of graduate

  61. All the Polytechnics in IMO state are among the list of the best dats good

  62. omo Iree poly ooo Iree lawa,God bless Nigeria God bless Ospoly I rep my school cux is d one of best polytechnic in nigeria

  63. What about fedpoly uwanna in ebonyi state

  64. kudos adogi lafia

    which one be my on choose, ok’ i sport my homes town naspoly lafia.

  65. AuChi poly always there. Kudos



    Auchi polytechnic kudos keep it up

  68. Muhammad Auwal Abubakar Galadima


  69. Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic should be in that top ten list

    1. nice work

  70. Auchi Poly has been the number one Poly over a decade. it will remain number one for ever

  71. This ranking can only be accepted based on the laid down criteria you used for the rating.Please tell us the criteria since so many people disagree with the rating.

  72. Auchi polytechnic na baba

  73. Haba!
    Howcome FedPoly Nekede is 3 here and is not listed in 2018 Webometrics?
    I can assure you that Yabatech doesn’t deserve to be 2 at all. No even ahead of Poly Ibadan. I did my HND and ND in YCT and TPI respectively. I can tell which one is better.
    Meanwhile how do they do this Webometrics that automatically you won’t ever find Polytechnics leading until you get to like number 50!!
    What are the criteria ??? Many Polytechnics are better than these listed Unis!!

  74. U guys have been talking about the best poly haven’t you thick of AIFPU….. Ebony state federal poly @ unwana…. meh try that poly… If you thick your own poly is tough try AIFPU(Akanu Ibiam Federal Poly Unwana

  75. Hahahahaha pls who is in charge of this rating pls and pls i want to no the person, how can you rate polytechnic in Nigeria without talking about FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC IDAH (FPI) in Kogi state i believe that person might have done a very big mistake by forgeting this grate institution in Nigeria where is Fpi is talking other poly bown to listen to the father pls i want d person to go back again and do this correction, and he shld not allow minister of education to hear dis if nt he will sack. And u guys have been talking and u did nt talk about the great FPI, infact u people need to be investigated My respect to M.I. Akpata and Kudos to Baba D

  76. Great Oscotech

  77. wat of akwa ibom state ploytechnic?

  78. I think dat ospoly should b d no 1 polythenic in d whole wide world as a whole

  79. pederal poly bida Niger state

  80. Auchi poly edo state number one(1), not surprising at all. We deserve it

  81. Okwaranwa Blessing

    wow! fed poly nekede 3rd. amazing, feeling so excited cause it not scam but true. if u think say school dey easy try nekede!!!

  82. where is federal poly ofa.. the best poly so far

  83. fed poly nasarawa most be in volve

  84. I score 174 in jamb,can i go to federal university ado ekiti to study business administration

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