Top 10 Best & Hottest Rappers In Nigeria 2019

When you talk of hip pop, there are guys who have given us the true definition of hip pop music as a genre in Nigerian music this 2019. It takes a lot of hard work to be in the music business as its a tradition almost all Nigerians worship.

But so far so good, there are artist who has made Nigeria one of the top powerhouse in the music game as long as rap is concern. This talented and gifted artists are the ones who made it to my top 10 best and hottest rappers in Nigeria in 2019.

Best Rappers in Nigeria 2019

1. Olamide

olamide-best-rapper-in-nigeriaOlamide Baddo and the YBNL boss goes with the full name Olamide Adedeji and he is first on the list. Olamide is not just the hottest rapper in Nigeria today, but undeniably the most hardworking, gifted, talented, fastest, richest and best rapper in Nigeria. He kills the rap game with his party jams coupled with his Yourba vibes in music.

Olamide was born March 15, 1989 and he is currently 28 year old at the time of composing this article. Just recently, MTV Base crowned Olamide as the “hottest rapper of 2017/2018″ for his effort and support from fans. Also recently, Olamide just released a new album called “Eyan Maywhether”, and till date he is still killing it by giving the fans what they want.

2. M.I


M.I Abaga, A.K.A Chairman, signed to chocolate city, is number two on this list of the best rappers in Nigeria today. M.I Abaga is one Nigeria’s fastest rapper that really knows how to manipulate words and come out with some new slang.

The self-made Chairman is one of the most respected rappers in Nigeria and his Chairman album was one the best album of the year 2015. M.I Abaga has been featured by hosts of Nigeria rappers and singers including E.M.E boss Banky W,  Waje, 2face, Jesse Jaggz and many more .


3. Phyno


Phyno Obago is a Nigerian producer turned rapper who hails from the eastern part of Nigeria. When you talk of rap game in Nigeria, Phyno is one rapper that is sure equal to the task. Phyno is not just a rapper, the young man can sing very well apart from just rapping. He is among the richest rappers in Nigeria this 2019 and the third best rapper in Nigeria.


The “connect” coroner, and his brother from another mother, Olamide, realeased an album together with a collaborative effect of the two of them ‘Two Kings’ . The album was one the best with their hit hot singles include Ghost mode featuring Olamide, Nnene, Oringo, Connect and many more made him the hottest rapper in Nigeria today.

4. Reminisce

reminisce-best-rapper-in-nigeriaReminisce can be new in the game but his effort in the music business made it look like he has been in existence for decades.The indigenous fastest Yourba rapper who is also compared to Da grin deserve more than this spot but trust me this is where he merited to be on the list of the 2019 best and hottest rappers in Nigeria.

He has recorded songs with Nigerian rappers in the game and he has been up for competition from up-coming rappers like Lil Kesh, CDQ, Ola Dips, Chinko Ekun just to list a few of them . But I will not deny the fact that Reminisce is the rapper of the year (2015) because he has really worked hard for it and I expect him to go higher than this in 2018. His 3rd studio album, ‘Baba Hafusa’, stayed up on the the iTunes chart for weeks and also he currently recorded a song with Internal star WALE.

5. Illbliss

illblis-rapper-in-nigeriaIllbliss Oga Boss is a VIPER in Nigeria’s music industry. No doubt he made it to the list of the best rappers in Nigeria. He flows like a lion when ever he stands in front of a mic. He has 3 albums in the market and several hit singles to rock your life like never before.


His punch lines are thrilling whenever he raps. There is no doubt that Illbliss is the big boss in rapping while some might frown at his flows. Anyways, he contributed to Hip pop in Africa at large. He is the fifth best rappers in Nigeria currently.

6. Falz

falz-nigerian-infopediaI would start by saying that Falz is a rapper and a comedian . The reason is this, his hilarious instagram clips would make you spank him and tell him to go fully into comedy. Falz is one of the top-notch rapper Nigerians can boast of. Although still upcoming, Falz might one day be the first best and hottest rapper in Nigeria. As of now he is among the richest rappers in Nigeria currently.

7. Yung6ix

yung6six-nigerian-infopediaYung6ix calls himself king of the south and I think the rapper is working closer to that title and might get there sooner or later. Yung6ix who hails from warri, Nigeria came into the music scene in 2010 when he remixed Ice Prince “Oleku” and his version was rated highly.

Yung6ix has an album and several singles including “Blessing” where he featured Oritse Femi that on his part made the song interesting. He is also the lady’s man because of his cool appearance.

8. Vector

vector-nigerian-infopediaThis is the only man that sounds that Jayz in Nigeria. I respect him a lot. He is a guy everyone wants to work with. When he first came out many people mistook him for American rapper, Jayz because their flows and voice were alike.

One thing that is for sure is that Vector is one of the hottest rapper in Nigeria’s rap game presently with a promising career. Vector and Reminisce did a remix of the song they titled ‘King Kong’ just a  moment after settling their beef and recently won an award at Headies in 2016.

9. Jesse Jagz

jesse-jagz-nigerian-infopediaJesse Jagz  is M.I Abaga’s younger brother. They masterminded one of the biggest and strongest label in Nigeria , ‘Chocolate City’  years ago. At a point Jesse Jagz left the label, only to return after some years. Just like M.I, he is also one of the fastest rappers in Nigeria this 2019.

Jesse Jagz has some cool tracks and he has done some collabo with his label mates like M.I and Ice Price. The reggae sensation singer has stayed low key recently, it is not surprise that he is among the hottest rappers in Nigeria currently.

10. Naeto C

naeto-c-nigerian-best-rapperOn the last spot is Naeto C. Naeto C ‘Ten Over Ten’ song  rendered most people useless because, it was like a National anthem in the mouth of his fans. The rapper is married with children,  but he has not come out with something new recently maybe he is gathering his hits.


Finally, some other good upcoming rappers in Nigeria  are fighting day and night to come into the limelight in the music business to match up with the above mentioned artiste like Ycee, Lil Kesh, Erriga, Victor, TEK Raymond etc.

Apart from the above listed rappers, the following are also prominent in the rap business in Nigeria 2018 and 2019:

  1. EL Dee
  2. Skales
  3. Eva Alordiah
  4. Eedris Abdukareem
  5. Brymo
  6. Sasha P
  7. Jidenna
  8. Muna (fastest female rapper in Nigeria currently)
  9. Lil-Kesh (Lyrikal)
  10. Da emperor
  11. Erigga

Do you agree with my list of hottest rappers in Nigeria presently, lets rap it out with your comments below


The Author

Jide Adeyoye Franklin

Jide is a prolific writer, researcher and a certified author on Nigerian Infopedia. He is a very experienced tech personality with knowledge in SEO and current trends online.


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  1. andrew

    olamide is d best rapper in nigeria and he is the most popular artist in dis country and west africa….Says by ehimen andrew from edo state

    1. Ziddecus

      i dont know what u are talking about guy
      after all M.I is the number (1)
      sayz ziddecus

      1. Osax brown

        2017 or old glory

      2. To me,mi do the best in the rap game.bcuz all is raps are not wit laugage.

  2. tobexsco


  3. drey

    reminisce is the best and number one bkoz of his versatility and consistency he does not leave rap like olamide did and cross to singing ……reminisce is the best definition of rap in Nigeria (Asalamualekum)


    yes guys.dats true,olamide is the best in hiphop.because he is talented,gifted….mark him as number 1..

  5. stev jay

    na so olamide is the best rapper

  6. mike lamar

    rubbish how will olamide be best,when he don’t know how to speak fluent ENGLISH…. the Don Eva give daddy Yankee best rapper 4 Yankee?!!!!!!!!! non sense……….people lyk falz yung six phyno re not suppose to be on the list…………..

    1. olumide davies

      falz,OLAMIDE,lilkesh and phyni are d best

  7. Branh Paul

    Apart From M.I Abaga The Rest Are junior rappers.
    Go Tell Them I Said So

    1. Amos B.T

      let dem knw

  8. M.I should e the first. Olamide best rapper in this life or next one??

  9. Fortunate Kingsley

    I totally disagree, here is mine
    Top 10 best rappers in Nigeria, 2016

    1. Olamide
    2. M.I
    3. Phyno
    4. .Vector
    5. Ice Prince
    6. Yung6ix
    7. Falz
    8. Reminisce
    9. Jesse Jagz
    10. IllBliss

    1. Harmony

      Thank bro dats very correct……who knw dat illbliss 4 street,he suppose to be among the upcoming artist self

  10. Mk package a.k.a Mr Rapper

    No rapper can be like REMININCE. He is the best rapper@BABA HAFUSA (Alaga)

  11. olamide is not supposed to be on this list… really. the guy is not that good

  12. Facekiddo

    Mi is still d best rapper in Nigeria.

  13. Guy Let Me Arrange It Accordingly
    1. Olamide
    2. Falz
    3. Phyno
    4. Reminisce
    5. M I
    6. Young Six
    7. Vector
    8. Wale Turner
    9. Ice Prince
    10. Naeto c

  14. NesonT

    You guys should respect
    1.Olamide baddo
    2.Phyno fino
    3.Reminisce alaga
    4.Falz dbahdguy
    If you talk about any other Person
    I don’t know what you are talking

    1. true talk my bro


    My best musicians are 1.phyno,falz,olamide and sarkodie

  16. Osax brown

    Mine is
    Ice prince
    jesse jagz
    Then me “osaxbrown”
    I know sum of una go de shout, forget erriga is very talented with ryhms

  17. El_Hadj

    Mine no 1 best rapper in nigeria is reminisce El_Hadj ..babahafusa,alaga ibile l,alaga samsung al,alaga da best…bring ur music and feture him if he sure for you..he go kill d beat…!!

  18. Snapmodel

    Whoo. Na they crazy na phynofino be the best rapper

  19. Snapmodel

    The best rapper are phynofino,falz,olamide,iceprince

  20. Elijah

    MI is supposed to be number 1 on that list

  21. olumide davies

    Ill bliss
    lil kesh

  22. mine is
    Jesse jagz
    ice prince

  23. Mike Tomfed

    I bet ya’all call them the best but I doubt most Nigerians even know the names of Nigeria Rappers

    Where is Artist like

    De Boss

    Pain reliever is highly required!

  24. Its mikenzy..

    Bros…. U d list top 10 rappers nd u no put ice prince nd u tink say u list d best 10 rappers in 9ja…. Den wer u kip ice price, wer u kip erriga, nd so on….. Bros u need to re-list dis ur list oooo.

  25. lildee

    My baddo is a killer… Team olamide,message me on ig nd follow me @_chief_owonikoko

  26. Lexzieus

    See this fool that put reminisce in number 4.and still saying that reminisce is new in the game. U better think well. evry1 of them meet reminisce in industry niooo

    Think well oooo


    All u niggas listing dis rapers r a’nt shit to me.were is mode 9?were is RUKUS?were is ENDIA?Were is KING T?To me ice prince,youngsix,falls they r nt rappers.AM BETTER DAN MOST OF DEM

  28. TeeFlag

    why Erigga the king of hip-hop in Nigeria no dey there.
    Plz dis list is nuh complete make changes.


    the best rapper for me is
    1 MI
    2 VECTOR

    1. Tony, Olamide is good o and among the best. He and reminisce are the best Yoruba rappers in the country try at the moment

  30. Correctgee

    Mine goes like this
    Jesse Jags
    Ice Prince
    Naeto C

  31. Boss Up

    @Legely D Golden Son Best Afrocentric Rapper in the game.
    Real talent, creative.#risingstar#babe

  32. Rmay

    1. M.I
    2. Ice Prince.
    3. Mode Nine.
    4. Erigga.
    5. Jesse jags.
    6. Ycee.
    7. Young 6ix.
    8. Phyno.
    9. Cynthia Morgan.
    10. Reminisce.


    you people should listing to the message before you talk about rap MI vector yung6ix jess jagz olemide is just a fast singer i repeat fast singer if you know what rap is all about you know what am saying ycee and dramo his better then olemide he is just a local rapper

  34. Young Hitler

    God! Wat is d rap kulture turning to?? all i see is commercial artist nd y is m.i nt 1 vecor 2
    Names like lord v, erigga, phenom, boogie, ruckus black bonnes.. Wtf… Hip hop is dead.. . Fix up your lives

  35. abati faith

    Well I am a man of my word. The best and the best and who will be the best forever is. (OLAMIDE BADDO) tawele

  36. salawu friday

    Hmmmmm the best which I known better is olamide and falz dbahd guay

  37. salawu friday

    Hmmmmm the best which I known better is olamide and falz dbahd guay

  38. Alvan Da Boss

    No List Is Correct If Erigga Name Is Not There

  39. rafman

    u at der

  40. De Money

    It Should Be olamide and lil kesh ,phyno before de rest

  41. olamide badoo bada is the best and he will always be the best till i takeover love you bro,its your boy money making machine

  42. jobenson tony you are just an hater by mmm

  43. please listen everybody olamide badoo bada is unstoppable that is wat is here for the best of all and you guy can do anything about that,that is the fat

  44. Haykaylee

    Badoo is d best now

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