Tips On How To Build Big Arms For Newbies (Muscle)

Being muscular is not just judged by having a big chest alone or a muscular back. The arms is another criterion in knowing how muscular, strong and fit you are, coupled with the fact that it gives you that aesthetic physique, masculine feel and shirt fit if you got that muscular arm.

There is no denying the fact that having muscular arms is the delight of ladies as they feel “more secured” around such people. It also passes a clear message to others “I can’t be intimidated”.


There are many ways on how you can build your arms to look muscular but all methods what so ever require that you put pressure on the arms in other to get the desired result.

The misconception or mistake people make is over training the biceps and triceps in order to develop bigger arms. While this works for professionals, newbies are advised to desist from doing such as they may yield little or no result.

If you really want to know a sure way on how to build big arms with bigger muscles, then this article is just for you. Below are 6 important tips on how to build big arms for newbies:

Train three times a week

Am sure you must have heard or read elsewhere that you have to work out daily in order to build a muscular arm but that notion is so wrong. The muscles of the body have rules and can go weary if over stressed and stretched on a daily basis. You have to understand your body and its needs.


Depending on your time and schedule, we advise you train two to three times a week to allow the muscle the much needed time it needs to recuperate as you would notice a gradual increase not just in strength but in muscle size.

Be consistent 

Consistent training, repeated workouts propel certain genes that result in building big arms and bigger muscle and give extra strength.

When you start the muscle building exercise for the arms, have a goal in mind with a plan that you must achieve and be faithful to such plan.

There are times when you feel like giving up but keep in mind that building arm muscles naturally takes time than using supplements i.e. steroids. We do not advise that you use steroids because it has its after effects.

Eat more food but with less calories

It is never a sin to eat more food if your are trying to build arm muscles as eating the right balanced meal, fruits and vegetables aid in nourishing your muscles and providing minerals like iron & calcium which are necessary in aiding you build up your arm muscles.

Avoid foods with high calories and fats and eat more of fruits and vegetables. The more you eat, you replenish used minerals and you gain new strength.

Don’t focus on the arm alone, work out your whole body

While it is good to train your arm, it is even healthier to focus on all aspect of your body to maintain equilibrium and body balance, which is an added advantage.

If you focus more on arm building without involving other aspect of your body, you’ll end up like a “Johny Bravo” which I know you wouldn’t like to be.

Rest is Sacred

Do you observe the much needed 8 hours rest after work out? If you don’t please start it as research shows that observing such gets you refreshed and renewed especially in the morning. Yes, you heard right, rest is sacred

Below are exercises that would aid you in building big arms

  • Dumbbell biceps curl
  • Push ups
  • Standing cable hammer curl
  • Close grip bench press
  • Overhead triceps extension
  • V-Bar triceps extension.
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