The First Church in Nigeria (Pictures)

Which is the first church in Nigeria?

Christianity came into Nigeria when the early Portuguese missionaries came into Nigeria in the sixteenth century. Although, some might argue that the early church in Nigeria was founded by them, the oldest church built in Nigeria was made a long time after the Portuguese missionaries departed Nigeria.


Picture Showing A Sign Post indicating the oldest church in Nigeria

For historical purpose, the first church in Nigeria is the Cathedral Church of St. Peter and its location is in Ake, Abeokuta. It is an Anglican Church founded by Reverend Andrew Desalu Wilhelm in 1898. In the early 1890’s this church served as a meeting base for all other missionaries who brought Christianity into Nigeria.


Picture of The First Church in Nigeria

The old church has since been renovated to a bigger and more modern auditorium where worship and service sessions are being held. The original edifice of the oldest church still stands as a tourist site and as an artifact. There is also a hall within the church premises named after the founder of Iwe Irohin, the first newspaper in Nigeria, Reverend Henry Townsend.


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  1. Goni

    The first church in Nigeria is in big Warri built in 1776

    1. but wikipedia history states that the first church in nigeria is the cathedral of saint peter in Abeokuta

  2. Mich

    It’s a lie… First Baptist church, oyo was built in 1858

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