Good Tecno Phones With 5000Mah Battery: Top 6

It is clear that the constant power failure plaguing Nigeria will not come to an end soon. These days, it is very common to see Nigerians going to work, schools and even church with their mobile phone chargers. There is no doubt that the current situation in the country demands the use of mobile phones with strong batteries.

Best Tecno Phones in Nigeria 2018: Prices & Specs

In this article, we will highlight good tecno phones with at least 5000mAh battery capacity that are currently selling in the country. The list is not arranged in any order, it will be very useful for those who wish to buy tecno phones with long battery life that will keep power for a long time, so go ahead and peruse through.

Top 6 Tecno Phones With 5000Mah Battery Capacity

#1. Tecno L8

Tecno L8 was released by tecno in the month of april 2016. Its battery is rated 5000mAh. This device has been used by many Nigerians especially the ones who are on the look-out for phones that can last for over 12hours after full charge.

Nigerians can buy this phone between 35,000 naira and 40,000 naira. It has a 1gb RAM and a 16gb ROM. Another amazing specs of this phone is its picture quality. Users of this phone can install any made-for-android application as the phone operates on Android 5.1 HiOS operating system.

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#2. Tecno L8 plus

Tecno L8 plus is another masterpiece from tecno. This product is a slight upgrade on tecno L8. Tecno L8 plus is one of the most popular tecno brands in Nigeria. It fits the elites and the middle class users.

With a 2gb internal phone memory, the phone navigation speed is amazing. It is very suitable for heavy users who performs lots of things on the phone at the same time. The battery of tecno L8 plus is rated 5000mAh.

#3. Tecno L5

This phone is one of the latest tecno brands with specs that are arguably of a better value when compared with the price of the phone. Top dealers sell Tecno L5 at 15,000 naira and 35000 naira. This and other unique specifications catapulted Tecno L5 to one of the best-selling brands in Nigeria.


It has an android OS with a mediatek 1.3GHz Quad-core processor. The only low down on this phone is its camera which barely has 5+2MP. If you are in need of an easily affordable tecno phone with a battery that can last for over 10hours talk time, then go for to tecno L5.

#5. Tecno L9

Many Nigerians are in love with this phone. The phone is very popular among trendy Nigerians who are on the lookout for tecno phones that can do a lot and still has a good power leftover in the battery. Tecno L9 is of the 7.0 android operating system. It has a very large framework with 6.0 inch high-definition display screen. It has a battery rated 5000mAh.

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It can keep power for over 12hours for light users and 10hours for heavy users. The 5MP front camera and 13MP front camera both with flash makes it possible for the users to take catchy selfies. The pictures are clear, bold and very colourful. Another amazing specs in this phone is the memory. It has a 2gb RAM and a 16gb ROM. In Nigeria, this phone is sold for 45,000 naira to 65,000 naira.

#6. Tecno L9+

Tecno is one of the most popular brands in Nigeria. They are known for targeted products. In 2017, tecno launched the tecno L9+ with is a varied version of tecno L9. Tecno L9+ ranks among the best in terms of battery capacity. It is not an exaggeration if I say that tecno L9+ is not just a phone with a large battery but a “power bank”.

This phone can even charge another phone. It has a large metallic framework with a display screen of about 6.0″. Another great feature of this device is fingerprint scanner for security checks in the phone. The internal storage capacity of this phone is 16gb with a 2gb RAM. Currently, this phone is sold for 48,000 naira to 65,000 naira.

Tecno phones are trendy. They have regularly updated features that wows Nigerian users. Tecno phones ranks among the best in terms of battery power ranking, though phone usage also determines the standby battery time.



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    Pleaee is it possible for me to swap tecno 7c tab with aother tecno product

    1. Thats an old tablet, I don’t think so

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    Hi, pls can I have access to L9 with full dimensional, 5000mAh battery, high capacity in efficiey? Also, I have spark k8, if it could be swapped for better phone? Thanks and best regard. Up Tecno.

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