Durable Tecno Phones With 4000mAh Battery Capacity

Before setting out to buy a new Tecno phone with long lasting battery life, there are lots of things are put into consideration when making your preference on the type of phone to buy.

Best Tecno Phones in Nigeria 2018: Prices & Specs

Many people are brand loyalists, some are camera freaks while some consider a lot more than that. In Nigeria where power is a major challenge, lots of people consider phones with the best battery life as a major prerequisite on the choice of an Android phone. In fact, a phone with a weak battery is very useless to the user.

There are lots of prerequisites to consider before going ahead to buy a Tecno phone. One of such things to be considered is the battery capacity. A phone with a weak battery is a burden to the user as the phone user will resort to going around with phone chargers, power banks, etc.

With the persistent electric power issues in the Nigeria, it is pertinent to have a phone that has very good batteries. Tecno phones are popularly known for having very strong battery capacity.

In this article, we shall highlight strong Tecno phones with 4000mAh battery capacity. The list is not in any order, it is a simple collection of Android phones that fit into the mix.

Tecno L6

This is one of the cheapest Tecno phone right now with durable battery life. The framework is a beauty to behold. Nigerians are so much in love with this phone.

It cost roughly #30,000 to #40,000. What thrills users the most about this phone is the battery. Rated 4000mAh, the phone battery is just ideal for the Nigerian market. In terms of memory, the phone has 8gb ROM and 1gb RAM.


If you are a Tecno freak and wish to get a phone that will maintain power for a long time then I strongly recommend this Techno L6.

Tecno Phantom 6

The Tecno Phantom 6 is another solid Android device from the Mobile giants. The only downside to this phone is that it is quite expensive. The price may be high, but I can bet that you’ll definitely enjoy this phone to the fullest.

Looking at the specs, the camera is great, the memory is excellent and the battery is titanic. This Android phone is currently sold for N100,000 – N140,000. It has a 4000MaH battery and an amazing 21MP camera.

Just go ahead and get this amazing phone and watch how your friends and pals will be hovering around you for snap shots.

Tecno Phantom 6+

This is the latest in the tecno phantom series. This phone is beautifully made. The frame-work is bound to capture every eye that beholds.

The phone is powered by a 4,050MAH battery. The battery life is rated to last for at least 10 hours. It comes with a higher memory than phantom 6 but at the same price.

Another striking difference between this phantom 6+ and phantom 6 is that it is 4G network enabled. It fits into the latest internet network trends while still maintaining the great camera vibes.

Tecno i7

The low power consumption rate of this Android phone is unbelievable and the fast charging rate is amazing. Every thing that has to do with power in this phone is very efficient.

It is indeed made for the Nigerian market. It takes about one hour for the phone to be fully charged and the battery lasts for over 15 hours with heavy usage.

In addition to this, the phone has a great camera and large memory. Stuff your phone gallery with amazing and colourful pictures with the 16MP front camera and the camera 13MP rare camera.

Next time you plan to buy a phone, ensure that you give yourself the edge by checking out the aforementioned phones. They are great picks and fits for Nigerians who wish to have phones that can keep power for a long time.

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