Tboss Biography: All You Did Not Know About Tokunbo Idowu

Biography of Big Brother Nigeria Reality TV Star, TBoss Career. 

Prior to her entering the Big Brother Nigeria Reality TV show, there was scarce information about this beauty on the internet but at the moment, it’s Tboss here and Tboss there. There have been many searches relating to Tboss online such that people want to know every single detail about her.


I for one have searched for Tboss Big Brother Naija Housemate, Tboss Big Brother Nigeria, Tboss TV reality star, What is Tboss real name? Who is Tboss? Tboss age, Tboss instagram and so on and at first it proved a herculean task but at the moment, the Internet is beginning to recognise her and tell us more about her.

So from our findings, we have been able to gather that Tboss real name is Tokunbo Idowu but she is popularly known as TBoss Idowu or simply Tboss. Tboss is Nigerian-born entertainer and reality TV show star who is originally from Edo State, Nigeria and she is one of the housemates in the Big Brother Naija 2017 reality television show which is ongoing in faraway South Africa. 

According to Tboss, she attended a boarding school in her early years and one of her challenges was struggling with loneliness and making new friends, and most times she end up attracting the wrong people into her life. Tboss was brought up under a strict, no-nonsense father who she said was tough on her and her siblings but her mother was always there to comfort them.

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Still very little is known about Tboss but we believe that with time, there will be enough information on the profile of Tokunbo Idowu.

She is originally from Edo State but she’s half-caste due to her father being a Nigerian and her mother being Romanian. Tboss was born on the 9th of March, 1984.


Her education is a mix of Nigerian and Romanian. She studied at the University of Lagos for a few months before she headed to Romania to complete her university education. Also, Tboss says she struggled with loneliness when she was in a boarding primary school which led to her attracting the wrong crowd. She is an occasional drinker.

With the fame she got during the Big Brother show, Tboss has been able to leverage on her popularity to build a fan base called Boss Nation. In the course of the Big Brother show, Tboss got fans talking for many reasons, some of which have been highlighted below:

First, she suffered intense criticism when she exposed her br**sts on the show. Although, she defended herself claiming that she walked around naked in her house and was only trying to be herself at the show. This didn’t go well with her fans as many openly criticize her.

In another scenario, during a truth or dare game on the show, she was asked to recite the national anthem which she failed to do. Defended herself, she made it clear that she was under intense pressure and has been through a stressful day but she could recite the national anthem.

Tboss further generated controversy when asked by one of the housemate on BBNaija on how she would spend the 25 million prize money for the winner. Her response was that, she would spend the money in a week.

See how she responded with her quote below:

“My life has never been about money, I like the lifestyle but there are things I wouldn’t compromise for the money, I was just saying that if I got the money and sort out all my debts,  trust me that money go finish.”

However, Tboss has been known to be a controversial figure, she repeatedly tells her fans that she is misunderstood as she is only trying to be herself.

In the Big Brother Naija Edition of 2017, Tboss finished as second runner up as she won the Pay Porte challenge and took home N500,000. She currently has over 37000 followers on her instagram page.


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