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Oil Well Owners in Nigeria: Full List (2023)


Arguably, Nigeria is the largest oil producer in Africa and the 6th in the world. On average, the country produced about 2 million barrels of crude oil in a day. This volume of oil produced daily in Nigeria is produced majorly in the Niger Delta region of the country that constitute just about 7% of […]

Top Locations of Crude Oil in Nigeria: Full List

oil producing states

There are many states where crude oil can be found in Nigeria. While we have taken time to list out the highest oil producing states in the country, we will list out all places where crude oil is located including the history and companies exploring this natural resource. For record purposes, crude oil was first […]

List of 9 States That Make Up Nigeria’s Niger-Delta Region


This post shall name and describe the oil producing states that make up the Niger Delta. Nigeria is blessed with so many natural resources, chief of them being crude oil, located in the states that constitute the Niger Delta Region. These states should not be confused with the South-South zone. The Niger Delta states are […]

Top 10 Highest Oil Producing Countries in Africa (2023)

oil producing states

There are countries in Africa where you can find oil and gas. The rate at which the economies of these countries grow is on the high even though oil prices seem to flunctuate in recent times. Out of the 54 countries of the continent, 16 are exporters of oil to other foreign nations of the […]

Top 5 Richest Oil Producing States in Nigeria (2023)

oil producing states

There are certain rich states in Nigeria that produces oil. These states make up the Niger-Delta region. Since the country is blessed with so many mineral resources, its normal that oil and gas would be the main resource keeping and feeding the nation. With a population of over 220 million people, there is a growing […]

10 Major Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria (2023)

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95% of oil and gas exploration and production in Nigeria is carried out under a joint venture between the Federal Government of Nigeria and Foreign Multi-national Corporations under the umbrella of the Nigerian National Petroleum Commission (NNPC). The remaining 5% is being explore by independent domestic oil and gas companies usually in marginal areas. This […]

Full List of Oil Companies in Nigeria & Websites (2023)

oil companies in Nigeria that pay highest salaries

LIST OF OIL COMPANIES IN NIGERIA AND THEIR WEBSITES This country is blessed with abundant mineral resources. Oil and Gas has become the major source of this country’s wealth. Although, there are various oil producing states who boast of contributing a large chunk to the country’s economy, others like Lagos state survive based on its […]

Full List of Oil Producing States in Nigeria (2023)

oil producing states

Nigeria produces about 2.5 million barrels of crude oil daily making it the largest producer of oil in Africa and 6th largest producer in the world. Interestingly, this high valued and volume of crude oil is produced from just 7.5% of the total area. This small part of the country that produces this is known […]