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The Harmful Effects of Excessive Deodorant Spray


We all know that Deodorants are very important in the lives of teens and adults. They are personal care products that most people use everyday but if used abusively, indiscriminately, non-challantly, the health effects of deodorants can be really serious. Deodorants are very good at helping to reduce and mask body odour and keep a […]

8 Habits That Are Dangerous for Your Brain

EIGHT BAD HABITS THAT CAN HURT YOUR BRAIN The brain is complex organ which process information sent by the human body ,it processes billions of data  per seconds and at night it needs to rest in order to regain its normal function of maintaining the body everyday but there are some dangerous habits which we […]

How to Start a Health Blog: Beginners Guide

Starting a Health Blog for FREE – A Beginner’s Guide Staying healthy is everyone’s priority in life. Are you someone that is passionate about health? or have knowledge on health and fitness topics and would like to share it to the public via the internet? If you are, then I suggest starting a health blog […]

How to Combat Digital Eye Strain


Combating Digital Eye Strain We are in the era of computers, smart phones, computer, tablet and other devices with visual displays. What they all have in common is that they all can cause tired eyes, digital eyes strain and computer vision syndrome. The most alarming thing right now, according to a recent eyes survey in […]

Children Nutrition: Eat Your Way to Health

Children Nutrition: Eat Your Way to Health Lately, there has been the need to propagate the importance of early nutrition this is because that it is essential for early development, it is essential for the first 1000 days of life. Nutrition has been called the single greatest environmental influence on babies in the womb and […]