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Banana Farming In Nigeria: Guide on How To Start


Easy guide on how to start banana farming in Nigeria, business, the environmental requirements, soil to grow plantain or plant banana for farming in Nigeria is what this post is all about. One of the most neglected farming in Nigeria is Banana farming. Interestingly, it is one of the most profitable farming ventures you can […]

JUST IN: Farmer writes Lai Mohammed, blasts Ministers Masquerades proposition, and reveals N350,000-monthly-income from fish farming.

Dear Lai Mohammed, with N350,000 monthly income from fish farming, why Masquerades? A Nigerian farmer has written an open letter to Lai Mohammed, challenging the Honourable Minister’s Masquerade jobs with a wonderful illustration showing N350,000 monthly income from fish farming. Below is a copy of the letter. May 9, 2016 DEAR LAI MOHAMMED, WITH N350,000 […]