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Best Highest Paying Careers in Nigeria 2019


There are highest paying careers in Nigeria which stand miles above the rest and their take home pay is mouthwatering. A career is an occupation undertaken by a person for a significant period of their life with the opportunity to progress. It can also be defined as a profession a person does regularly for a living. […]

Banana Farming In Nigeria: Guide on How To Start


Easy guide on how to start banana farming in Nigeria, business, the environmental requirements, soil to grow plantain or plant banana for farming in Nigeria is what this post is all about. One of the most neglected farming in Nigeria is Banana farming. Interestingly, it is one of the most profitable farming ventures you can […]

How to Start a Borehole Drilling Business in Nigeria


Professional guide on starting a borehole drilling company business in Nigeria especially in states like Lagos, Rivers and in places where water supply is scarce. Nigeria is a rich country with enough water, but there are places in Nigeria where access to portable water is scarce. Few people leverage this issue by starting their own […]

Things You Did Not Know About Cyberpreneurship

What Cyberpreneurship Is All About One recent form of technical entrepreneurship is using the improvements in computer technology, especially the internet to conduct business, promote business or perform the process called cyberpreneurship. Cyberpreneurship varies from an organization which merely promotes itself by using an electronic brochure called a “home page” on the internet, to companies […]

How to Start Car Wash Business in Nigeria


This post on how to start a car wash business in Nigeria will serve as a guide, offering step to step Car wash business setup and tips for success if you choose to start a car wash in Nigeria today. Car washing business is a very lucrative business to start in Nigeria that can fetch […]