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Biography of Muhammadu Buhari

Profile and Biography of Muhammadu Buhari Muhammadu Buhari is a native of Daura, a Fulani town situated in Katsina State of Nigeria. He was born on December 17, 1942. He is the twenty-third child of his father, Adamu. Buhari was raised by his mother, Zulaihat after his father died when he was about four years old. […]

President Buhari in Trouble

Those criticizing President Muhammadu Buhari believes that he is the cause to the various problems ravaging the country presently. These critics do not see anything good in what the president does. They also have rated his performance as extremely poor in the one year plus he took over the mantle of leadership from the Peoples […]


If president Muhammadu Buhari’s certificate saga becomes a trial he must defend in court at this point in time, then, i will not be reluctant to say that the Yoruba political navigators who did not allow this same issue to hold ground prior elections till Buhari assumed office have a clandestine motive to oust the […]