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Top 10 Richest Bloggers in Nigeria & Net Worth (2023)

Linda Ikeji is richest blogger in Nigeria

Blogging in Nigeria is relatively new. With the success story of the likes of Linda Ikeji, one of the country’s richest female bloggers, many are joining the bandwagon. However, only a few top bloggers that are popular in the country can be said to be successful in the blogosphere and their net worth. Sometimes, it […]

Seun Osewa: Profile & Picture of Nairaland Owner

Picture of Oluwaseun Osewa, Founder and Owner of Nairaland Forum

Have you ever wondered who owns Nairaland, a forum which was ranked by Forbes as the most visited website in Africa in 2015. Have you also seen the picture of the owner of Nairaland.com, his age, biography, net worth and even contact details. You will learn all that in this article. Biography of Oluwaseun Osewa […]

Top 10 Best Entertainment Blogs in Nigeria (2023)

entertainment blogs in Nigeria

Entertainment bloggers are on the rise in Nigeria 2023. What makes this particular niche so popular is this; gossip news from entertainment blogs are trending and interesting to read. Today, bloggers are making money online through entertainment related issues such as latest movies, music, fashion news which they posted in their blog. Some even move […]

Top Forums in Nigeria 2023 (Popular & Active)


Factual information can be gotten from online discussion forums due to the engagement of registered members sharing good content among themselves. While there are many of these in the country, we look at the most popular and best online discussion forums in Nigeria using their website ranking, amount of traffic, page views, longevity and even […]

Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in Nigeria (2023)

nigerian fashion blogs

Fashion and style is one factor that brings out the beauty in an individual. Fashion ranges from the clothes one puts on, the shoes, the mode of dressing and finally, the type of makeup and jewelry. Due to this increased rate of fashion consciousness, its no surprise that award winning Nigerian style bloggers expose this […]

Top 10 Best Gossip Blogs in Nigeria (2023)

entertainment blogs in Nigeria

The most popular blogging niche in Nigeria with the highest number of audience base is the entertainment and gossip niche. Everyone now want to be an entertainment blogger in Nigeria, thanks to the success story of Linda Ikeji. The niche is so populated that it is even insinuated that its saturated and you will need […]

Top Best Tech Blogs in Nigeria (2023)

nigerian tech blogs

Technology is one of the most popular blogging niche that appeals to bloggers in Nigeria. Because of this, a lot of tech blogs exist that provides you the latest technology news, trends or information on the latest gadgets. Some are general as they discuss any tech brand, while others are niched, that’s, focusing on a […]

Top 10 Popular Fashion Blogs in Nigeria (2023)

nigerian fashion blogs

There’s no need arguing whether Nigerians love fashion, it is obvious, they do! From the Niger Delta, down to Lagos to far North, fashion is a thing loved by many. However, not everyone knows where they can get information about the latest trend in town aside of course on Facebook and Instagram. So, this article […]

Top 10 Best Nigerian Wedding Blogs (2023)

nigerian wedding blogs

These top 10 Nigerian wedding blogs are the reigning blogs that would help you attract publicity to your wedding. We have researched these wedding blogs in Nigeria for 2023 especially for those who would want their wedding anniversaries online or make it go viral on social media e.t.c. Below are Nigeria’s Top 10 Wedding Blogs […]

Top 10 Popular Blogs in Nigeria (2023)

nigerian blogs

This article on the top 10 popular blogs in Nigeria are owned by bloggers that over the years have worked extra hard to build a brand for themselves and whose blogs receives thousands and million of visits. Although, the traffic stats of these popular Nigerian blogs are overwhelming, one cannot deny the fact that the […]