How To Start Broiler Farming in Nigeria Easily

Are you looking into venturing into broiler farming in Nigeria? If you answered yes, then this easy guide to start this poultry business successfully is for you and you will be glad you did.


Broiler farming in Nigeria

Broiler farming is just a niche in the poultry farming business. It is the raising of birds for the sole purpose of meat as opposed to layers which is done for the purpose of laying egg. While these two are related, raising broilers is quiet easier compared to raising the troublesome layers. However, it also comes with its own bag of risk to be uncovered to avoid loss of investment. This is why you need to read and practice this to the later.


While the market demand of broiler is high and return on investment is equally high, there are some challenges in venturing into this business. One of such challenges is the high capital intensive nature of the business. Raising just a broiler in the present economy requires nothing less than 700 per bird. This is even on the conservative side. This means you need to be prepared to spend if you really want to profit from this venture.

The next challenge is the problem of disease outbreak. This, I expect you to know. Just one bird with infection among your birds can make you loss nearly all your investment if not all. This is why you need to always seek the advice of a Vet Doctor.

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  • Step one: Get trained

Get trained. Yes, you heard me, get trained. I don’t know of you, but I know nearly all my neighbors that ventured into broiler production lost, big time. Some even had a mortality rate of as much as 80%. All because someone told them how profitable broiler farming is and how they can even start it in their backyard. What am I saying here? Go get a practicing farmer, a farmer that has had his own share of success and failure inn thee business. Don’t listen to all those eBook sellers; over 90% of them don’t own a farm. Don’t wait money buying a guide from “a good writer”. You need to learn all it takes to run a broiler farm successfully.

  • Step two: Writing a business plan for broiler farming

The next is writing your business plan. It had to be comprehensive and capture everything about the business ranging from how much you will need to start the business to how you will get it down to how you will sell and profit from your product. You can check online sources for how to write a broiler business plan as it is slightly different from a conventional business plan.

  • Step three: Housing, purchasing equipment, stocking, feeding and medication

While you can start a broiler farm at the back of your house, it is best to get a land away from settlement because of it foul smell. You need to also get the best breed of broiler and their feed. Now, broilers have specific food they eat at a particular age. At first, they start with starter then move up to finisher. All this, you will be taught by the practicing farming. I don’t want to tell you all this and you think you are good to go; I don’t want any of my readers to loss his/her hard earned money trying to cut expense or corner.I repeat, you can loss virtually all your investment if you are not careful. Again, get trained! Poultry business is serious business.

  • Step four: Marketing

As your broilers approach passes 8 weeks, it is ready to be sold but it is best allowed to reach around 12 weeks. Before this time, you can inform all the people, businesses and organizations around you of your new business so you wouldn’t find it difficult to sell. For every day and week they spend on your farm without been sold, you are losing money by feeding them. So it is best you start marketing your business early. Lookout for hotels and eateries near you, they are customers that when they are ready to deal with you, your business will boom so move close to them, speak to them, make friends with their representatives and walk your way to success in this poultry farming business.


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