Spectranet Unified New Data Plans, Cost & Validity: Full List

All Spectranet Unified New Data Plans, Cost & Validity 2018

Spectranet Internet in Nigeria has come up with their latest new unified data plan which is now affordable for Nigerians. Spectranet is the first Internet Service Provider to have launched the fastest 4G LTE internet service in Nigeria. Although, they face stiff competition with Smile 4G LTE and SWIFT 4G LTE, consumers using internet services offered by Spectranet have given positive reviews using the 4G fast data network.


With the new Spectranet Unified Data Plan which is the best internet package deal from Spectranet Nigeria, it offers even faster, reliable and affordable broadband Internet services to homes and businesses. Spectranet services are currently available in this few states for the mean time: Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Ibadan. The company promises to add other states and cities to to their 4G LTE network plan in Nigeria.

According to the Spectranet website, the new unified data plans became effective on March 15, 2016 and is made available to all users of the broadband network in Lagos, Nigeria.

Below is a list of all Spectranet Unified Data Plans, Cost & Validity

Plan Name Plan/Data Plan Cost Additional Bonus Validity Access
Unified Value 2GB 2GB N3,000 Nil Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 5GB 5GB N5,000 Nil Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 20GB 20GB N10,000 10GB + Free Night Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 50GB 50GB N20,000 10GB + Free Night Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 100GB 100GB N40,000 10GB + Free Night Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 200GB 200GB N70,000 10GB + Free Night Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Nite Value 20GB 20GB N7,500 Nil Monthly 7pm – 7am
Unified Nite Value 40GB 40GB N11,000 Nil Monthly 7pm – 7am
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Free Night means Unlimited Free Night browsing between 1am – 7am. 10GB bonus per month for renewals before June 30, 2016 while all Nite Plans have 24 hours access on weekend and Public Holidays.


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