Sorting: See The Nigerian Universities With The Most Corrupt Lecturers

The Nigerian Universities With The Most Corrupt Lecturers

The education system in Nigeria is one that has been characterized with daylight corruption and rot especially in Nigerian universities. It is no news that one can get a first class or second class in almost any course without seeing the four walls of a classroom as long as you have the cash at hand to pay for such grades.

Sorting which is an English word that means “to arrange” has a different meaning in the Nigerian educational system. For students in the university, it means to arrange a positive grade in a course with the lecturer through kind and cash that would help sanctify the students results.

Trust me, in most Nigerian tertiary institutions/ universities, you can sort your way out easily as long as you are willing to pay the price. You see, every lecturer has their price so as it is with the courses. But which of these Nigerian universities have the most corrupt lecturers that accept these sorting is what these write-up is all about.

nigerian-universities-with -the-most-corrupt-lecturers

The Nigerian Universities With The Most Corrupt Lecturers

Below are list of top 10 universities in Nigeria with the Most Corrupt Lecturers

  1. University of Abuja
  2. University of Lagos
  3. University of Calabar
  4. University of Jos
  5. Nnamdi Azikiwe University
  6. University of Port Harcourt
  7. Imo State University
  8. Delta State University
  9. University of Benin
  10. Lagos State University
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Although, there are other schools in Nigeria that should be ranked in this list, the above according to our research have proven to be the worst among all the Federal and state universities in Nigeria. We can’t say the same for private universities in Nigeria which are expensive and hardly allows for sorting among lecturers because of their strict educational policies.

Opinion poll: Which university has the highest number of lecturers that collect sorting (a.k.a. Money for grades), lets hear your views below


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  1. DC Liam

    I cant say.

  2. Nnadozie Chikodiri

    Nawa o things are really getting worse day by day. (133)

  3. onyii

    the issue is how government will eradicates such corruption in the university and how our university name will be change from what they where known to be. Not only in universities but it is also applicable in our society and government at large.(137)

  4. olivia D

    Well I’m not suprised at all though. I just pray will get better soon (132)

  5. Ibeh happiness

    After reading this report I kept having this mic feelings.. Well,thank God my school wasn’t mention… Lol (117)

  6. I wonder what this country is turning into, you can’t see any university that don’t allow sorting……………… is students medicine, buh I don’t blame us, that’s what we are expected to do even when write well Nd try ur best d so called lecturers will still fail u. is only God that can intervene for us

  7. chisom

    what you said is d truth cause actually dis z wat we always seen in most d university n Nigerian. a student wil try his or her tym to read in order to pass bt all will go n vain cus on one thing (he or she didn’t sort d course)May God help dis country Nigerian . (136)

  8. Yes, it’s improper but that’s life for everyone that wishes to be literate (128).

  9. That’s Nigeria for you….am not suprised.. (35)

  10. maduakor uju Cynthia

    what seems to be the way out–corruption is now the order of the day(6)

  11. Thank God COOU is not here(34)

  12. not only Nigeria’s universities are corrupt thou(32)

  13. Ifunanya

    I would say IMSU has the highest no. of Lecturers that collect “sorting” that is why their students, especially girls hardly attend lectures cause they believe they would still pass the course no matter what it takes…

  14. Assumpta

    “Sorting” has become the order of the day in the lives of students which makes them to depend solely on it without the Zeal of studying hard to make their A’s, rather they prefer the easier way. To halt this dubious act, Lecturers are expected to shun any form of sorting from the students as that would make them read/study hard instead of depending on getting A’s on a platter of gold.

  15. Amarachi

    I wished it could be stop so student can study hard

  16. (no 20)

    I think these corruption and sorting of a thing is really getting out of hand and it ends to be stopped before is too late

  17. Emenanjo Onyinye

    yea,i can’t believe that my school lecturer are still the best of all (my number 37)

  18. Not all (119)

  19. Not all (119)

  20. Sorting is the reason some students found it very difficult to study hard because they know that they will always sort their way out with some lecturers and having A’s while those that studing end up having low grade but I pray that God will help us oooooooo

    1. But is sorting inevitable?

  21. Akeem

    We cannot avoid sorting, some students induce lecturer and whether a lecturer want to do or not doesn’t stop them. I am a Lecturer and several students who have carry over in my courses often get away with through either through the exam officer or other notable person that matters

  22. odumosu taiwo aka Ijebu

    Thank God for I knw dt great ife(OAU)can’t and will never b in the list.infact,it will b d least in ranking.the sch is built by great leader with great vision lectured by great Prof.and Prof emeritus.thank to all the lecturers for well work done

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