Solutions to Common Errors Job Hunters Make When Job Hunting


Employment is scarce everywhere and those who end up being employed are either taken on merit or taken because they know someone that knows someone. Job hunting can be a really daunting task but suppose you get called up for an interview, there are some mistakes one is meant to avoid so as not to send the wrong message to your employer.

Mistakes like not having a well prepared CV, not replying your employer’s mail as when due, wrong dress code e.t.c are some of the mistakes made by some interviewees. After carrying out some research and from little experience, I have highlighted some solutions to the common mistakes Job hunters make during Job hunting:

Construct a simple & professional CV

Your CV is a document that speaks for you in absentia or person. It outlines your educational qualification, hobbies, experiences e.t.c. Most job hunters submit poorly written CVs which get them disqualified without knowing it. Some even submit a lengthy written CV which also isn’t right. The quality of your CV matters a lot when Job hunting. Make sure you make it simple and professional with no errors in terms of grammar used.


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Please reply emails from employers

As funny as it sounds, replying emails sent by employers shows seriousness on your part and professionalism. When most graduates or job hunters receive mails from an organization, they hardly reply such mails. Our research showed that employers tend to think that you are not really serious in getting the job if you do not respond to their emails. When you receive an email from an organization for an interview, reply so as to inform them as a confirmation that you got their mail

Be on your best dress

You are addressed the way you dress. Always wear a cloth that makes you look smart and is comfortable on you when going for an interview. Even if you have to borrow, be on a cloth that gives you confidence. It is even better to note the dominant colour of the organisation which might be on their logo and blend it in your dress code. You never know, it might help you score points during your interview.

Avoid side talks

Do you know you could lose vital information, confidence and even the job when you involve yourself in side talks at the venue of your interview? When you arrive at the venue, its best you revise what you have read. Avoid side talks about past job experience, gossip about the company, who you know within the company e.t.c. Our research showed that most companies send spies to monitor interviewees. So be careful with whom you speak at the venue of your interview.


Stay glued to your phone

Most people have lost employment opportunities because this. When called by your employer through a phone, you should always be available. Do you know that interviews are now conducted through phone calls so as to know your level of preparedness? I would advise that you set aside a small phone with good battery life for that purpose just in case. During an interview, phone calls were made to applicants before the face to face interview and about 40% had their phones switched off, 20% missed their calls, 20% did not go through while 20% went through. Always stay glued to your phone.

Mind your caller tunez

As funny as it sounds, the caller tunez you subscribe to matters. How do you think your employer will feel hearing a secular sensual tunez while calling you. It is better to avoid subscribing for this until you get a job.

Be mindful of what you post on social networks

Most people don’t know that we are now in the digital age and whatever you post on the social media like Facebook, twitter, Badoo e.t.c, matters and may back fire. Our research showed that most employers check the profiles, status and activities of applicants and employees on these social networks to know how they use these platforms whether in a professional manner or otherwise.

Speak well during the interview

The way you speak during an interview matters. You must have a good command in English language before you scale through in any interview, be it oral or written. You should make your dictionary your friend if you are to learn how to speak. Avoid repeating words like sir, ma, so, e.t.c. You should also rehearse the answers of common interview questions before you go for an interview. Finally, don’t be shy or proud to ask people around you to correct you when you make a grammatical error.

Do your research well

You need to know about the company or organization you are applying for before you go for their interview. I found out that most applicants either don’t know about the organization or they know too little which is wrong. Information like the history, vision and mission statement, salary scheme of the Job you are applying for e.t.c should be researched before the interview.

Present neat certificates

Most people present rough looking certificates to their employers. No employer would like to employ one with such or even a torn certificate. Certificates should be handled properly and kept in a place free from moist and rodents. Your certificates are the proof of your achievement as shown in your CV. Laminate your certificate if possible and finally; do not be late for your interview. Good luck.

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