Small Business Ideas in Nigeria that Requires Little or No Capital

Are you looking for small scale business ideas in Nigeria that can fetch you income apart from your work or you don’t have a job and want to find something doing that will take care of your daily needs?

Well, you are on the right page as I will be listing below some small scale business ideas that you can kick start in 2018 that can fetch you some cash into your pockets. Please be guided that some of these small business ideas require little or less capital to start and also requires patience.

Profitable Small Scale Business Ideas to do in Nigeria 2018

1. Blogging
2. Driving (Teaching People how to drive)
3. Teaching
4. Mini Importation
5. Poultry Farming
6. Cassava Farming
7. Rice Farming In Nigeria
8. Making of Fruit Juices
9. Kerosene Business
10. Pure Water Production
11. Fast Food or Eatery
12. Hotel Business
13. Recharge Card Printing
14. Snail Rearing in Nigeria
15. Furniture Business in Nigeria.
16. MC, DJ and event planning business.
17. Cake baking and decoration business
18. Cultivating vegetables
19. Reselling services on Fiverr
20. Domain and website flipping
21. Internet based business ideas
22. House Painting
23. Liquid soap production business
24. Sales and repair of PC and its accessories
25. Barbing Hair/Plaiting Hair
26. Exportation
27. Cleaning Service
28. Pet Breading
29. Bulk SMS Service
30. Ice Cream Production
31. SEO Consultant
32. Fashion Stylist and Designer
33. Video Game Arena
34. Make Up Artiste

The list is endless, Just pick anyone that you feel that can help you from being idle. If you have any other small scale business ideas in Nigeria that would be of help, please comment below

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