Signs Your Having A Stroke

Think you are too young to get a stroke? Think again.

Emeka just clocked 35 years old but he is bedridden and down with partial paralysis. Isreal a furniture maker in mushin had a stroke at 39 and Feranmi, a 37year old banker had a stroke two weeks ago. These are young people who never thought they could have a stroke at young age; they have always though having a stroke is only things older people have to worry about.


However, research shows that the majority of strokes do occur in people ages 65 and older, about 10 percent of all strokes happen to those under 45and women are more at risk than men. So in order to avoid falling into this trap, it is better you catch the signs and symptoms early. Here are the major warning signs.

You Feel Weak or Numb on One Side of Your Body

Suddenly losing strength or being unable to feel a limb on one side of your body is a common sign of stroke, especially in the arm and leg. One side of your face may also droop.

You Have Trouble Speaking

This symptom comes in different forms: Your speech may be slurred or you may have difficulty just getting the words out. You also may struggle to comprehend what other people are saying. So if are battling with a speech difficulty, it can be either slurred speech or being unable to speak. Then it is time to seek care immediately.

Severe Headache

This is more likely to occur in hemorrhagic strokes, this means instead of a pipe getting blocked, a pipe springs a leak, and you have bleeding in the brain. Hemorrhagic strokes are a lot less common than ischemic strokes, accounting for about 10 to 15 percent of all strokes but they do have a higher mortality rate.


Loss of Vision

Vision problems usually affects one side and instead of losing sight in one full eye, you’re more likely to lose the same field of vision in both eyes (for example, neither eye can see to the left.) This is because the eyeball itself and the optic nerve are fine, but where that information goes to get processed in the brain is what can be damaged.

You Experience Sudden Onset of Any or All of These Symptoms

The hallmark sign of a stroke, sudden onset of these warning signs should be your biggest indicator that you need to get to the nearest hospital immediately. These symptoms come on very quickly, but not all need to be present to warrant a trip to the hospital.

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