5 Signs to know your girlfriend or boyfriend is tired of the relationship

Relationships can be so much fun especially when it is fresh. As time wears out, you quarrel, make-up, quarrel and make up again. Some experts might argue that such break-ups only makes the relationship stronger which in no case, sometimes is true. Well, you never know whether your partner is trying to tell you that he/she is tired of the relationship and want to quit.


Are you in such a situation with your partner and cannot tell if he/she is tired of the relationship, below are signs to know whether you are still relevant to him/her.

5 Signs to know Your Girlfriend /Boyfriend Is Tired of the Relationship

1. Picking fights: Your girlfriend or boyfriend decides to pick up fights with you then they are obviously tired of you. When he/she becomes easily irritated by the slightest thing you do, also not really caring what you do with your time, then your girlfriend or boyfriend has lowered tolerance with you.

2. Phone calls become less frequent: When your girlfriend or boyfriend acts like picking your phone call becomes disturbing then something is wrong somewhere. You know love shacks like wine or alcohol. When you started dating, he was calling you every minute to express his love and feelings but once the calls becomes less frequent then he is seeing someone who is taking all his time.

3.  Lack of intimacy: He or she is now suddenly the busy type and no more time to spend together with you again. When your girlfriend or boyfriend starts losing interest in you, the things you guys used to enjoy together will become absurd and non-existent. If your partner used to prefer being intimate a lot, and now nothing, then this may be a sure sign that you have to move on.

4. No more gifts: Most ladies prefer guys that express their love by sharing gifts. At the beginning of most relationships there is a culture of gifts exchange as they both want to show how much they value each other. When the gifts become less frequent there is obviously a reason why and if it is not economic then your boyfriend or girlfriend is gradually losing interest in you.


5. Uninterested in making future plans: When your partner is no longer showing interest in the relationship, he or she will be less committed. No plans of you getting serious like meeting his parents or friends, my dear he is uninterested in making future plans with you.

There you have the five signs that you should know if he/she is probably tired of the relationship

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