Seven ways to boost your workout sessions

Time flies when you are having fun. It can zoom by when you are exercising, too. Simple tricks can make workouts feel easier so you can last longer. These findings can help keep you from throwing in the towel too soon in your journey to maintaining that dream body of yours.

You can do it

During your next workout, tell yourself, “I feel fantastic!” or “I’m doing a great job.” Positive self-talk during exercise can make you feel like you are exerting less effort and bolster your performance. Repeat the mantra over and over while you work out. Reminding yourself of the benefits from exercise, such as stronger muscles and energy can also make your motivation soar, so you stick with it longer.

Turn up the beat

Another study found that people worked harder and enjoyed exercise more when listening to fast-tempo tunes. Make listening to music your buddy while exercising. Load your playlist with whatever pumps you up, whether it’s pop, hip-hop, or marching music.

You have got a friend

Recruit a friend or invite your family to hit the gym or run with you. Chat with a walking partner, play tennis with your spouse, or shoot hoops with colleagues-these things can also make your workout time fly. Plus, it lowers the odds that you will ditch your workout. You are more likely to crawl out of bed if a friend is waiting for you on the street corner, than if you are hitting the gym alone.


Go in bursts

When you are exercising for less time, it’s easier to work out harder. If your goal is 40 minutes of exercise, a moderate pace will help you last. But if your goal is 20 minutes, you can pick up the pace and it won’t matter if you get fatigued more quickly. Vigorous exercise gives you the same health benefit in half the time.

Sip caffeine

A recent study found that men who drank a caffeinated energy drink an hour before working out felt better and lasted longer during resistance training. Sip an energy drink with 179 milligrams of caffeine or drink two cups of coffee 60 minutes before your next workout.

Put up a mirror

Another study found that treadmill runners who watched themselves in a mirror used oxygen more efficiently and ran better than those who didn’t. Try hanging a mirror in front of your treadmill.

Slurp a cold drink

One study found that in hot, humid weather, cyclists who drank a cold beverage before and during exercise felt less strain and lasted longer. Before your next hot-weather workout, grab a cold drink about 40 minutes before you gear up.

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