Search Engine Optimisation Mistakes You Must Avoid: Top 5

Search Engine Optimisation or simply, SEO is basically those techniques that are employed to increase the amount of traffic to a website. This helps to increase the visibility of a website or web page in a search engine’s unpaid results. These unpaid results are generally referred to as organic, earned or natural results. 


Do you want to rank for your target keyword? Well, someone somewhere is also interested in ranking for that keyword too. This means ranking on search engine is competitive and for you to be on top of your game, you need to know the necessary factors that determine your website’s ranking.

You should know that the more frequently a website appears as a search result on a search engine, the more traffic it will receive and this can over time, result in more money generated for the site. Having said all these, in some people’s quest to employ search engine optimization services, they make mistakes that they’re unaware of and these mistakes keep repeating itself and hinders the progress of the site. We shall look at five search engine optimization mistakes you should avoid while trying to boost your website’s outreach.

Here are top 5 Search Engine Optimisation Mistakes To Avoid

1. Great Content Will Always Rank Without Optimization

It is very wrong to assume that great content will always rank without optimisation. You should never think that because you’ve written wonderfully, your post must rank. Well, sometimes it does rank but not always so do not bank on getting your contents to always rank, no matter how great without optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation is very key in getting your posts to rank in search engines and this will in turn help reach a wider audience than when you did not use SEO.


2. Great Content Will Always Get Links Without Link Building 

Never think your wonderful content will always get the wonderful results you have in mind. You might be in for some surprise if you do. In order to get your contents out there to a great number of people, effective link building strategies will come in handy so as to optimise and push your content for many people to see.

3. Duplicating Your Content 

If you duplicate your content, it will confuse the search engines as to which exact one to index and this may end up not showing your content on the search engine’s results. Duplicating your content can sometimes be great but this does not always favour you in the long run.

4. Poor Integration of the Best SEO Practices in your Website’s Structures 

Most Web developers fail to put the best SEO practices into their website structures and this may lead to the site structure being unable to support search engine optimization. The best thing to do for your site is to make sure that you’re site structure is created in a way that is easy to find by your users.

5. Unreasonable SEO Expectations 

Do not have unreasonable SEO expectations overnight. To start with, search engine optimization is not cheap, it is neither fast nor easy so you must be patient plus you should never measure your SEO success based on ranking.

Factors like traffic, longer time visit, lower bounce rate, more inquiries and sales are important things you should consider.

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