Scientific Facts about Beauty, Sex & Relationships

There are so many in-explainable things when it comes to love and feelings. “Chemistry” – this is a popular description of what happens between a man and a woman. What makes us fall for a particular kind of people? Why do we see some people attractive and stay indifferent to others? Scientists know the answers. We decided to look through the recent studies and here are the results of our searches. Some facts that we have got from are pretty weird but there is a grain of truth in them.


Opposites attract

Although this physical law is often applied to male-female relationships, it’s not actually true. Well, it works only in some cases. If you are single, you become the object of interest of a girl that is very different from you. Differences in appearance, temperaments, views, and interests attract her to you. This is not a coincidence but an evolutionary mechanism that helps to eliminate the possibility of blood relations. However, according to the latest finding, we are attracted to like-minded people. A harmonious relationship is possible only between two partners that share similar views and have similar values.

Connection between altruism and $ex

People who like to help other people have $ex more often. That is why start volunteering right now – you’ll look sexier in women’s eyes. Seriously. If it’s a scientifically proven fact, you should consider it.

Vagueness makes a man magnetic


Women value honesty and openness. Being frank with a girl, you’ll build trust between you faster and accelerate the development of your relationship. However, being honest doesn’t mean telling everything about yourself already on a first date. You should get a girl interested in you. For this, you need to reveal some facts about your personality gradually. The aura of mystery around you will keep your girlfriend in suspense and will make her want to get to know you better.

A beard is a sign of long-term relationships

Female psychology is a big mystery for men. Why do so many women prefer bearded men? Maybe because it’s trendy? No. A man with a beard appears more aggressive, mature, and independent. A beard indicates a high status even if the man who wears it is a feeble and unconfident college student. According to psychologists, women choose beardless men for the short-term relationships and want to enter into the long-term relationships with bearded guys. Use this information as you wish.

Attractiveness depends on the environment

Surround yourself with less handsome friends, and you’ll always stand out in a positive way. It turns out that the myth about a beautiful girl who takes her ugly female friend with her to appear better against her is actually a working trick. Psychologists have proved that our milieu influences the way other people see us from the aesthetical point of view. The contrast changes everything. This is another proof that a person doesn’t perceive beauty as something fixed.

The left cheek is more attractive

You may not believe, but our cheeks are not even in terms of attractiveness and expressing emotions. The left part of the face is considered to be more beautiful than the right one. The explanation is simple: people express more emotions through the left side of their faces. The reason for it is the way our brains process information.

Lost weight increases $exuality

It may seem obvious but there is science behind it. If you are of medium build, it’s enough for you to lose 2-3 kilos to appear more attractive to your girlfriend. And yes, it works the opposite way too. You should understand that your woman should notice the changes in you. This doesn’t work with girls you just met.


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