Sasha Obama’s restaurant job: a classic example of a servant leader

Regarded as the most advanced democracy and most industrialized country in the world, the United States holds the enviable record of setting the pace and being a role-model to all other aspiring third world nations- A group which Nigeria falls into.


The world’s largest economy’s path to greatness has always been laid not only on democratic virtues but also on other societal ingredients that have evolved and influenced every sphere of American life. Ingredients like values and civic orientation that imbibe the culture of honesty, integrity, respect and equality have long transformed America’s political, economic and social way of life ever since its independence in 1776.

Therefore it came as no surprise to see the land famously called “God’s own country” show this virtue through the Obama’s’ recently. Sasha Obama, the president’s last daughter’s summer camp job in a Massachusetts restaurant as a waiter must have probably generated less hysteria in the US (because it wasn’t something strange). In a society founded on the principles of freedom, equality and prosperity, a trait passed on to successive American Presidents down to the Obama’s, America’s political class have come to view themselves as ‘servants of the people’ and have therefore conducted themselves well in and out of office. Something the Obamas have just validated through their daughter’s ‘down to earth’ act.

The 18 year old Sasha ditched her clout and privilege as the daughter of the United States’ president by shunning the attractions and luxury of working in A-list corporate organizations for a sort of grass root job as a waiter in a restaurant in Massachusetts.

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With only three security detail guarding her, Sasha served customers with glee at the restaurant-A kind of “swallowing-the-pride” thing for a teen who has the world at her feet owing to her status.

But not in a society like ours where power, class and inequality call the shots.


Nigeria’s political class has over the years imposed a sort of “Master-servant” relationship on the masses. They have successfully run the country aground thereby creating a “monstrous crater” between the rich and the poor, the elite and the ruled which in turn has submerged our core values and virtues as a society and floated the worshiping of mediocrity, money and vices.

The Nigerian political class has somehow alienated themselves from the citizens. They see themselves as ‘larger than life’ and ‘untouchable’. Their patriotism lies in their selfish interests and ambitions instead of the good of the country.

The quest for power often is not borne out of patriotism and love for Nigeria rather, it is out of selfish interest and a desire to enrich themselves and further impoverish the masses-those they claim they want to serve.


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