Santé Barley in Nigeria: Distributors & Where To Buy It

Sante Barley is a pure organic health supplement extracted naturally from Barley grass. It has so many therapeutic benefits which we shall discuss below and is now sold by authorized distributors in Nigeria.


Pure Barley grass is one of the most powerful plants with so many amazing health benefits. This plant can be brewed into powdery form to drink as tea or even cooked and the water extracted to form Barley water which contains high calorie.

When taking Sante Pure Barley Tea, you might not be aware of its ability to flush out toxins from the body, help aid weight loss, promotes easy digestion and even delays the ageing process.

Health Benefits of Drinking Sante Pure Barley Juice

#1. Helps lower cholesterol levels

Research suggests that drinking pure barley juice has hypocholes-teromic propertie which aids in the improvement of cardiovascular health by reducing total cholesterol and low-density lipoproteins (LDLs or bad cholesterol) in mildly hyperlipidemic patients.

An experiment of men who were diagnosed with high LDL and total blood cholesterol levels, were placed on barley tea diet on a daily basis and this significantly lowered choIesterol levels.


This is possible due to the presence of tocols in the grass extract.

#2. Helps lower blood sugar for Diabetic patients

Drinking pure barley is an advantage for those who are diabetic as its aids in controlling blood sugar levels.

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Studies show that diabetic patients who supplemented their meals with barley grass powder water had a success rate in fall of blood sugar level and reduced risk of coronary heart disease.

#3. Protects the body against cancer by boosting the immune system

Barley grass is a powerful natural antioxidant and immuno-stimulant that helps fight cancerous cells and enhances the immune system.

This plant is rich in Vitamin E and has other minerals and enzymes like Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) including chlorophyll which detoxifies the body of chemicals and carcinogens.

#4. Its slows down ageing process

Toxins in the body are the chief culprit of quickening ageing process in our cells.

The presence of SOD in pure barley grass helps to wash away such toxins and delay the ageing process, thereby making you feel young and strong.

#5. Promotes weight loss

Aside the fact that drinking pure barley tea aids in digestion, it also helps in weight reduction.

This is so because Barley water hydrates you and contains lots of calories, but very little fat. If you combined pure barley extract with a healthy diet and exercise, it can help you loose weight easily.

#6. Barley grass helps with arthritis and relieves pain

Another health benefit of pure barley juice is that it helps relieves pain that is associated with arthritis.

SInce this natural grass contains high sodium, people who drank the juice found relief from arthritis pain after a week or two.

With all these benefits of Sante pure barley, its only right that Nigerians take advantage of this natural powerful plant which has been micronized by Santé International to help people live a healthier life.

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Where To Buy Sante Pure Barley in Nigeria

There are various distributors and offices where you can purchase original pure barley products in the country but its best you know some trusted dealers who are authorised to sell Santé products in Nigeria to avoid being dupped.

There exist legit business opportunities if you want to be a distributor of Santé Barley in Nigeria.

You get to meet a team of experts who train you on how to make money selling the product and reaping its benefits like paid trips abroad plus monetary incentives.

If you want to buy Sante Pure Barley products or to become a distributor in your country, area or state, see below

Authorised Santé Barley Distributor in Nigeria

Name: Ikenwa Chizoba
WhatsApp/Phone number: +2347032252176

Name: Okeke Chinedu
Phone number: 07037009952

You can use the comment section below if you have any question about the product



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