Sante Barley Capsule & Juice: Benefits, Price and Dosage

Santé Barley Pure Capsule is a 500mg pure barley grass powder without any chemical or additives, packaged in vegetable capsules which has so many health benefits.

sante barley pure capsule

The juice is also made from natural pure barley grass from New Zealand and I can tell you that it is a very powerful natural drink that can help you live a healthy life.

Both the capsule and the juice are nutraceutical and contains vitamin, minerals, chlorophyll and carotenoids which is high in dietary fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates.

Most doctors don’t tell you that drugs are chemicals and are poisonous to the body. A good number of them don’t even take drugs and won’t prescribe it for their families because they know the negative effect. What you should know as a lay man is that drugs are chemicals and they must react when taken.

Sante Barley capsule and juice is known to cure numerous ailments and since its contains pure barley which is one of the most powerful vegetables known to man, so many testimonies have been attributed to its ability to cure life threatning diseases.

In this post, we detail you more on Santé Barley capsule benefits to the body, how to take Sante barley juice and capsule (Dosage) and the price of this product and where to get it from.


Sante Barley Capsule Benefits

There are so many benefits of taking this natural food and they are:

  1. It helps prevent cancer growth by repairing damaged cells in the body.
  2. Reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases.
  3. It lowers bad cholesterol levels in the body.
  4. It is a very powerful immune system booster
  5. When you drink the pure barley juice, It can help for better weight loss.
  6. Its very good against fibroid, ovarian cyst.
  7. Taking the Sante Barley Pure Capsule helps detoxify the body.
  8. It contains natural antioxidants that counters the effects of aging fast.
  9. It helps fight against athritis & stroke.
  10. It is a strong powerful food to fight prostate issues.
  11. Used to cure ailments like goiter and thyroid problem.
  12. Boost sexual drive in men and fertility issues such as low sperm count when you drink the pure barley juice.


How to Take Sante Barley Pure Capsule & Juice

The dosage of drinking the pure barley juice or taking the capsule differs according to the level of the ailment.

If you wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Pure barley capsule is best taken 30 minutes before meals in 3 capsules moderation, 2 times a day, while the Sante pure barley juice can be taken one glass per day.

If the sickness or illness is high, the intake of either the capsule or juice increases. We call this the temple healing method. Here, the dosage intake will be 1 barley juice every 2 hours or 6 capsules every 2 hours depending on the nature of the illness.

Either one you choose, (capsule or juice) they are the same. The temple healing is effective if you are having stoke or its symptoms, malaria (3 days), infections, prostrate issues. Treament of goiter using this method is four months.

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The cost of the Sante Barley pure capsules is #12,600 while the price of the pure barley juice is #18,900 only.

Herxeimer Reaction

Using this product from days to a few weeks of detoxification reaction in the body. It is not uncommon to experience flu like symptoms including headache, joint and muscle pains, body aches, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills, nausea & other symptoms.

This is NORMAL and even HEALTHY temporal reaction which indicates that parasites, fungus, viruses, bacteria or other harmful pathogens are being effectively killed off.

Barley Grass is a very powerful food that naturally contains alkaline and can help to neutralize excess acidic materials in the body to maintain a regular healthy acidity/alkalinity balance.

This poweful grass also contains essential amino acids for proper body metabolism. To stay healthy, nutritionists recommend drinking the pure barley juice daily to help protect against degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and arthritis.

Where to Buy Sante Barley Capsule or Juice in Lagos, Nigeria

There are various distributors and offices where you can purchase original pure barley products in the country but its best you know some trusted dealers who are authorised to sell Santé products in Nigeria to avoid being dupped.

There exist legit business opportunities if you want to be a distributor of Santé Barley in Nigeria.

You get to meet a team of experts who train you on how to make money selling the product and reaping its benefits like paid trips abroad plus monetary incentives.

If you want to buy Sante Pure Barley products or to become a distributor in your country, area or state, see below

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Name: Ikenwa Chizoba
WhatsApp/Phone number: +2347032252176

Name: Okeke Chinedu
Phone number: 07037009952

You can use the comment section below if you have any question about the product



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  1. Nnenna

    Hi good morning am writing bcs I hv fibroid and want to no how I can use the product thanks

    1. In this case i advise you use the temple healing method. This entails taking the juice every two hours for a said period of time

  2. chioma

    can one with enlarged heart and valve open take it

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