Salary Of A Second Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army 2019 (New Minimum Wage)

How much a second lieutenant earns in the Nigerian army 2019

The Nigerian army is one of the three most respected armed forces in Nigeria military. Joining the Nigerian army is a dream for many Nigerians who want to build a career in the Nigerian army. If you really want to join the Nigerian army, you should be aware of the actual salary of a second lieutenant in the Nigerian army after minimum wage increase this 2019.

2nd-leuitenant-nigerian-armyAlthough, we formerly listed the salaries earned in the Nigerian army here, be aware that how much a Nigerian soldier is paid monthly increases according to his or her rank.

For the officers and the ranks in the Nigerian Army, see here. Also, the number of years in service is an important factor that determines how much a Nigerian soldier is paid on monthly basis.

You are made a second lieutenant in the Nigerian army immediately you graduate from the Nigerian Defense Academy.

The salary of a Second Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army is N120,000 monthly but might be increased to N150, 000 after implementation of the new minimum wage. After you are promoted, it increases to N200,000.

Although, it looks small compared to what other uniform paying jobs in Nigeria looks like, we hope the Federal Government wades into the situation and increase the salaries of the officers of the Nigerian army since they risk their lives to defend the territories and borders of the country.

Monthly Salary Structure of the Nigerian Army Lower Officers

Private Soldier earns N49,000 monthly


Lance Corporal earns N55,000 monthly

Corporal earns N58,000 monthly

Sergeant earns N63,000 monthly

Staff Sergeant earns N68,000 monthly

Warrant Officer earns N80,000 monthly

Master Warrant Officer earns N90,000 monthly.

How do you view this salary structure in the Nigerian army? Is the package ok or does it need improvement even after the minimum wage was increased?


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  1. Abdul Kadir

    Is the second leuitenant salary same with that of its equivalent in the Nigerian navy

    1. Kadir, I noticed you are a constant reader of our posts. Thanks, as for your question, I will do a research on it

      1. kadi

        Don’t compare the two because a teacher cannot see bullets flying and still go there however, I agree with you that teachers welfare need to be improved

  2. Yusuf A Durosinlorun

    Hummmm. Nawa ooo teacher wa dey teach everybody dey collect 65,000 naira per month. And na the same certificate both of them get fa.

    1. kadi

      Teacher dey go battle?

  3. zainab

    Pls how much do Supreintended of police earn.thnx alot.

    1. Zainab, its about 160-180k you can check this link for a full detail of how much a Nigerian police officer earn monthly and yearly here

    2. kadi

      Including bribe total is #500,000 monthly.

  4. Odunayo

    Jide, but all these figures you posted, you did not tell us of other allowances and benefits for a 2nd leuitenant in nigeria

    1. kadi

      No benefit added. The Army call it consolidated salary structure meaning, all benefits included.

  5. Poju Ademola

    Navy still remains the best of the three. Nigerian Police no even get mouth

  6. nasir

    What is the salary for the lowest rank in the nigerian air force

  7. Segun

    Pls How much do Nigeria Army earn with an HND holder. Thnks alot

  8. Lanre

    Hmmn.A PhD holder who just get employed as university lecturer earns less than that.

  9. Ademu

    If Federal government will pay this faith with due allowances without oweing and don’t allow the supperiors to eat the money and allowances of the lower ones and setting up major to stop this;the salary structure is ok. No where in the world soldier can be paid enough, even American army.

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