Major Rice Processing Companies in Nigeria: Full List

This write up contains a list of major rice processing companies in Nigeria that are considered the best that produces more than 10,000 metric tones of rice.

The presence of rice processing companies in the country has seen rice production in Nigeria skyrocket within these few years. Since it is the plan of the Federal Government to boost Nigeria’s chances of becoming a leading force in food production not only in Africa but in the world, it is not surprising that rice has now been cultivated in large quantities to satisfy both local and international needs.

rice in NigeriaWith this, the agricultural sector will aid in creating wealth for rice farmers, generate income for the government, diversify the economy from oil and reduce unemployment at least to a minimal level.

Eating locally made rice has proven to be highly nutritious when compared to its foreign counterpart. The only pitfall here is that local rice is quite expensive than imported rice, hence people tend to buy processed foreign rice.

The government on its part has tried to make this most consumed food affordable to all in the country. The collaboration between Lagos and Kebbi (two major rice producing states) to sell a bag of lake rice for N11,500 is seen by many as a welcome initiative to make this crop available to all.

Furthermore, the establishment of more rice producing companies in a bid to increase milling capacity of local rice grown within the country after harvest. These mills will produce and process up to 100 tones of rice per day. Most of these mills are owned by top rice processing companies engaged in both rice cultivation and harvesting.


Here is a list of major rice processing companies in Nigeria that are considered the best.


Olam is a leading rice processing company in the country, producing a capacity of 36,000 metric tonnes of milled rice yearly. Its rice mill is located in Nasarawa state and its near a six thousand (6000) hectare of farm land owned by the firm.

However, Olam Nigeria are reputable with a workforce of 8,000 workers. It is rumored that an increase in the acreage of the farmland up to 10,000 hectares might be considered in the nearest future in order to boost rice production.

Olam Rice Nigeria office address is located at No. 5 6Abebe Village Road, Abulenla 101241, Lagos. You can contact them for more inquiries on supply of rice.


Onyx rice mill is among the best rice producing companies in Nigeria producing more than 25,000 MT of rice till date. Founded in 2009, the firm has embraced new innovation which has seen its stocks increase.

With its state of the art equipment, the mill has been able to release more than 7500 MT of rice annually, processing over 400,000 bags of rice and sold to distributors and consumers alike. They are located Opp. Nigeria Army Barracks, Bida – Badeggi Road, 920211, Bida, Niger state.

Aside this, Onyx has empowered rice farmers via its out-grower scheme, giving out loans that are interest free to these farmers who pay in paddy. This is a strategy the firm uses to boost rice production by taking care of the welfare of its workers.


Integrated Grain Processors is a private company that provides Nigerians with the high quality long grain rice. Their rice processing plant started operations in 2011 and since then, a total number of about 3000 bags of rice are produced from the mill monthly and are bought by consumers.

Aside the long grain rice, the company also produces rice bran which is highly nutritious in vitamins and minerals. This bran is normally packaged in bags sized 50 kg and can be used for animal food or human consumption.

Integrated Grain Processors also built an advanced modern rice processing facility located in Enugu state where locally grown, par boiled and long grain rice are usually processed and packaged. Their Lagos address is at 5 Eke Afa Road.


The Quarra rice mill has a large 25,000 tonne facility in capacity. This rice producing company supplies grains using external out-growers. The company is also developing a rice seed farm that will cover over 1500 hectares of land.

Quarra can process up to 150,000 tones of par rice and milled rice in a year. Quarra Rice Mill is located in Tsaragi, Kwara state and they are among the best rice processing companies in the country.


This company is located in Ekiti state and are the first licensed rice producing company to operate in the state. Consumer satisfaction has always being the watch word of the company in selling best rice brands to its consumers.


Owned by Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest business man and entrepreneur, the mill is a subsidiary of the Dangote Group. The rice processing factory will be located in Sokoto state and would cater for northern states where rice is produced.

The processing milling machines in Sokoto has been touted to have a capacity to process about 250,000 MT of rice on an annual basis and 50 metric tones per hour. 25 hectares of land was secured to kick-start this project.


The Stallion group is another famous rice company in Nigeria that has over the years, introduced a concept of packaging food items in a generic market. Rice brands from this particular company is seen as one of the best rice brands among consumers in the country. Popular Farms and Mills Limited a Stallion Group Company have one of the biggest rice mills packed with state of the art technology. The company address is at 270 A, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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