How to Renew your FRSC Driver’s License (2023)

The FRSC Driver’s license is deemed valid for four years according to the Federal Road Safety Corp Act and you would need to renew your driver’s license in Nigeria In order to gain legal access to drive your vehicle on Nigerian roads.


If this is not done, you might fall prey to the law coupled with embarrassments and troubles that the Nigerian law enforcement agents are known for.

This post will show you how to renew your FRSC Driver’s License as you don’t need to pass through some driving test. Just follow the steps below

  • Visit the official website for driver’s license obtaining and renewal in Nigeria:
  • Click on ‘driver’s license renewal’ you would see a form where you would be required to fill in your date of birth and your expired driver’s license number. Upon filling this form correctly, you would be able to access and fill the application form.
  • Make payments for the license at any of the designated banks or via online payment platforms.
  • Print your receipts and present your application form to the drivers licensing center.
  • Go to the nearest road safety office to have your biometric data captured.
  • Obtain the temporary license which is valid for only 60 days.

Normally, the official fee for driver’s license renewal in Nigeria is ₦6,000 but due to how things are done in Nigeria, it may cost you up to ₦12,000 or ₦15,000 or more.

Kindly note that whoever holds a valid licence can apply for and obtain a renewal of the licence at any time ranging from 30 days before the date that the licence would expire. Applicants can apply, complete the form online, quickly make payment, verify payment at Board or Internal Revenue, then proceed to the VIO for test and finally visit FRSC Drivers Licence Centre for their biometric capture.

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  4. I paid 10000 after completing my driver’s licence renewal page on the FRSC platform but when I went to the internal revenue office I was told that the money was paid to infringement account via Renita and I should pay again.
    Please direct me on what to do because I didn’t commit any traffic offence.

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    I want a renewal of my licence class D Licence number is LNO/PHC1237AB02

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